Our lives can be considered as a field of altering events. Being a mom, a professor and an author there are situations when I have to attend various events and social gatherings during the weekend. So, today I will be sharing my experience at a recent event where all my friends gathered for a mini arrangement.

It was more of a casual gathering so I preferred to wear a simple black and white ‘Contemporary Lace Combo Dress’ from Forever 21 with minimal accessories. There after, I just paired my dress with a pair of Black Suedette Metal Trim Pointed Heels. The event went well, in fact I played musical bingo for the first time and it was extremely fun and relaxing. This game got everyone into the party mood which worked wonderfully for the rest of the evening. 

While socializing I gained a little knowledge about the online version of bingo. The online version is now available for all kinds of smart phone devices which makes it super convenient for anyone to play at any point of time. Also, I was introduced to this very casual but fun site called New Look Bingo. This site has a whole range of games and attractive features for bingo lovers to have fun with. All of this was followed by a sumptuous dinner and mouth-watering dessert.

As you know all well that ends well. Ever since that day whenever I feel like taking some time off from my busy schedule, I play a game of bingo or listen to some melodious music. Visit the site to learn more about New Look Bingo.

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