As more and more people become busier and busier, they are turning to the convenience of having food delivered straight to their homes, rather than having to take the time out of their day to go shopping at the market. But have you ever wondered how food is kept fresh over long delivery routes to ensure you receive products that are safe and delicious to eat? If so, keep reading to learn more.

Airtight Packaging for Keeping Foods Really Fresh

Airtight packaging is a valuable asset when it comes to delivering food that will be super fresh. Even baked goods can be delivered using airtight containers so that they taste great and have the right texture upon arrival. A great example is cookies from Gimmee Jimmys Cookies, as these always arrive fresh thanks to the use of airtight tins. In this way, you can order fresh baked chocolate chip cookies, get them at your front door, open up the airtight tins, and enjoy the cookies as if they just came out of your oven at home or were purchased from your local bakery.

If you can purchase packaging that keeps air out of the container and, therefore, away from the food, the air will not be able to get to the food and begin to degrade it. In the end, the food will arrive fresh and tasty.

Dry Ice and Gel Freezer Packs for Keeping Foods Cold

Keeping certain foods cold throughout their transport is vital in ensuring they remain fresh and edible by the time they reach their destination. But keeping foods cold and at the appropriate temperature while they are being transported from one location to the next and between vehicles can be a challenge.

The ideal product for keeping foods cold and fresh during transport is dry ice. This can work for everything from produce and chocolates, to meat and dairy products.

Another option is to use gel freezer packs to ship foods that need to remain cold, but the advantage that dry ice has over gel freezer packs is the fact that it is colder and it will keep everything dry, whereas a gel freezer pack will end up thawing and dampening the food. However, dry ice will not last as long as a gel freezer pack would.

Insulated Packaging

Insulated packaging, such as insulated food delivery bags, are yet another option that can help keep foods at the ideal temperature, but they are better suited to keeping warm foods at the right temperature, preventing them from getting too cold. This is especially helpful when you are making short deliveries of recently cooked foods and you want to be certain the food arrives warm.

What you use to ship your food items and keep them fresh until they arrive at their destination will ultimately depend upon the type of food that you are shipping. Some foods, such as baked goods, may be fine in airtight containers, while foods that need to remain very cold are best shipped using dry ice or freezer packs.