Many parents are skeptical about taking their children to more historical European cities. They’re worried that they’ll become easily bored and start running around causing trouble as a way of amusing themselves. The truth is though, there are tonnes of activities within these cities that make them ideal destinations for your next family vacation, and Vienna is a prime choice.

This is a beautiful city with a rich history, and there’s no reason if you plan the right kind of activities, that you can’t enjoy the entire trip together as a family.


Take them to Schonbrunn Palace

This magnificent building is very child-friendly in terms of the attractions you’ll find here. It may look daunting with its sprawling estate, but they have a whole program aimed at teaching children about Viennese history in a fun and interesting way.

They’ll get a personalized guided tour that will explain how children used to live during imperial times, and they’ll get to dress up like royalty and play with toys from the era.


Teach the kids about culture

There are plenty of cultural attractions around the city that the kids will be able to take part in. For example, you could start with a visit to the grand Belvedere palaces. Today, they act as a museum and monument to many priceless art, but your kids will love the “Art Detective on the Trail of Masterpieces” booklet, as they get to uncover mistakes in the paintings as you walk around.


Take them to an opera

As Vienna is so passionate about opera, some companies such as Vienna State Opera, put on showings that are no more than an hour or so, in order to introduce children to classical music.

Of course, if you’re an opera buff yourself and your children are already well versed in this art form, why not pick up some traditional Vienna opera tickets, so that they can experience the majesty and excitement of visiting an authentic Viennese theater?


Let them loose in Vienna Prater

Prater is Vienna’s oldest and largest amusement park, so you should definitely be able to find a few things to keep the kids entertained in here. Vintage steam trains will take them through the dense woodland, while the giant Ferris wheel will take you 200ft up into the air, for unparalleled views of the city.

With more than 250 attractions that include pony rides and jungle gyms, there should be something for everyone here.

Take them to a children’s museum

The museums of Vienna are not all aimed at adults; the ZOOM Children’s Museum should get their minds racing and their imagination flowing, as they get to experience a variety of hands-on exhibits. From art workshops to science demonstrations and even exhibits that allow children to experience life in different time periods, this is one not to miss.

I hope this list has given you guys something to think about for your next trip. I’d love to hear your thoughts, so please leave me a comment.