You’ve finally decided to settle for a South Pacific Vacation! Hoorah! At least your family can breathe a little easier now. So where to? Maybe New Zealand, Australia, Fiji, etc. Here’s a question: Do you know how to properly do a vacation planning? Yikes. Not to worry though, here’s some considerations worth knowing to prepare for your Australian adventure.

Your actual destination. Decide where you really want to visit. Vanuatu, Fiji, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Australia, etc. You might think it’s a simple decision, but not all the time. Consult with your family, as all of you will be in the same place enjoying (or grudging) the decision made. You may look at review websites such as TripAdvisor to see where people are traveling.

Travel Style. Yes, travel has style. Here’s all of them:

Independent. The most common vacation style people use. It’s where you and your companions (family, friends, or your sweetheart) follow a set of pre-set itinerary, without the need for a full-time guide. Everything from accommodation, flights, and day tours are pre-planned, giving you a peace of mind as you travel.

Self-drive. Also an independent style of vacation, which includes at least one road-trip, whether short or long in a rental car. You also need a pre-set plan on where you’re going, but it can be as flexible as you desire.

Escorted Tours. Typically, an all-inclusive and fully guided group tours with the same group of people and tour guide with you for the entire trip. It’s a cool way to make new friends and travel knowing that all things are taken care of for you.

Backpacking. Know that movie INTO THE WILD. Christopher McCandless? This is a way of traveling as cheaply as possible. Allows you to travel for longer as well as see and experience a lot on a very limited budget.

Sightseeing and activities. Create a wish-list of things you want to discover and experience: waterfalls, wildlife, glaciers, volcanoes, art galleries, museums, etc. Also make a list of things you want to do: Sight-see, shop, wine taste, dive, walk, ski, cycle, etc.

Set your vacation travel date. Your chosen places and activities will restrict your travel destination, so keep that in mind. This is especially true if you want to enjoy seasonal activities like fishing and snow skiing.

Accommodation. The next step is choosing an accommodation at each place that you want. There are so many considerations to consider before selecting the right place to stay. Hotels are plentiful, as well as bed and breakfast (private homes that people lease to travelers). Australia, also have house and land packaged in Epping Vic that are affordable this time of the year. If home ownership is something you’re considering in the future, then this is a great time for you to find homes in Australia.

That’s most of it. It all comes down to your specified location, the things you want to do as well as the accommodation you prefer. Take time to consider all your options with everyone who’s coming with you. Travel safe!