Bringing a new dog home is an exciting experience for both you and your new furry addition to the family. It’s best for your dog if you keep the homecoming event low key. Your dog needs a period of time to get acquainted with you, other family members, other pets and its new living environment. There are several things you can do to welcome your new dog home in a manner that makes it feel comfortable and loved.

Personal Space

Have a crate prepared for your dog so that it will quickly learn that the crate is its personal retreat. Crate training is an effective housebreaking method. It’s also a way to keep both your dog and your household furnishings safe when your dog is home alone. In addition to having a crate for your dog, you should have one or more beds placed in quiet areas so that your dog will have a comfortable place to observe household activities.


Dogs like routine. Set up a schedule that includes potty times, feeding times and daily walks or outdoor playtime in a fenced area. Your dog will quickly learn the routine and anticipate regular activities. Detailing when you will perform specific actions will ensure you set the standards and expectations that will create a loving and stable routine.


Before you bring your dog home purchase the basic supplies that you need for your dog. This includes grooming and skin care items such as those available at Roxy’s Remedies, food and water bowls, a leash, food, treats and toys. You should also prepare a first aid kit for your dog. You can find a list of suggested items to include in a dog’s first aid kit at


Upon arrival, your dog won’t be familiar with your expectations. You’ll need to teach it the rules you expect it to follow. It’s essential that everyone living in the house enforce the same rules. Otherwise, your dog will become confused and frustrated. It’s also important that once you make the rules, you stick to them rather enforce them sporadically or change them periodically. You might want to consult with a trainer or your vet to get advice on how to establish good behavior patterns and for obedience training techniques.


As difficult as it may be, it’s best to keep your dog’s welcome home event calm. Give the dog some quiet time alone so that it doesn’t feel overwhelmed with an excessive amount of attention. You’ll have plenty of time in the years you share with your dog to shower it with attention and love.

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