As your marriage comes to an end, you may be preparing yourself for certain things. There will be legal expenses, shared parenting programs, and most likely a change of address in your future. However, there are several other things you may not be ready for. Here’s what you should know if you’ve made the decision to separate, and you want to know what’s coming next.

Nobody Wins

Far too many people enter the divorce process with the goal of winning against their spouse. The problem is, there really are no winners when it comes to divorce. It’s all a series of negotiations, compromises, and court-mandated decisions. One of the first things you may want to do is put the concept of “winning” out of your mind and just focus on finding some common middle ground you can work from.

Unsolicited Advice is Coming Your Way
Just as pregnant women are subject to much unwanted advice, so are people going through a divorce. You’ll hear about your friends’ experiences, what their parents went through twenty years ago, and what they think will happen with you. Don’t believe everything people tell you, and be prepared to politely change the subject if you’re just not interested in their stories.

What Your Spouse Did Can Harm You
If your spouse was engaged in illegal activities, then you could also be facing charges if you knew about the actions and remained silent. If your divorce has been prompted by criminal actions on the part of your spouse, then you may want to speak with a criminal defense lawyer to ensure your own rights are protected in the process. Look at for more information.

Under the Microscope
Everything in your life is going to go under a microscope for a while. You can expect for your assets, debts, and earnings to be looked at closely at you work through mediation. Past actions can be brought up and used against you as grounds for the divorce. It’s best to be honest with your attorney so they can provide you with more effective representation.

The important thing to remember is this time will pass. You’ll wait for the negotiations to start, wait for signed papers to come back, and wait for the courts to finalize everything. However, the day will come when the divorce is behind you and you’re moving forward.