You must have already heard of the many ways to make money online, and probably know the common success stories like starting a blog, becoming an eBay seller, and joining focus groups. These are great ideas to make money, but there are more ways you can go about getting some extra cash in your pocket. Whether you are creative in the social world, or looking for something different, the following are six ways of earning an income from home.

Rent Out Your Home

It is possible to make some extra income by renting out part of your home. Airbnb does not just rent a whole house or apartment while you are away, it is possible to rent just part of the house. It may be a basement, guest room, your garage, or the crawlspace in your attic. It is even possible to just rent out your extra storage space. Another option is to rent an office you rarely use through “desk time” or rent the driveway for a fee through programs like “Park on my Drive” or “Just Park”.

Pet Sitting

You may be a pet lover, and it is easy to use your natural talents to earn some extra cash through opening up your home to pups whose owners who have to leave for a vacation or business trip. Sites such as the Rover and Dog Vacay allow you to list various services from daycare, walking, overnight sitting, and grooming.

Rent Out Your Car

If you have a car you rarely use, don’t let it just sit there! Visit sites such as Getaround and RelayRides and tell people when your car is available for rent to earn money from it. If you are worried about someone damaging your car, these companies make sure you are covered from such occurrences.

Sell Your Junk Mail Inserts

Most people just throw away unsolicited junk offers that arrive in the mail, or inserts in the Sunday paper. But if you need some extra cash, some marketing research companies will pay for these things. These companies give you points for each piece of mail that can then be redeemed for prepaid Visa cards.

CFD Trading

If you have a way with money and accounting or are always closely following the stock market, you might be able to use these talents as a CFD trader online. Making a contract with different clients, sites like TradeZero allow you to act as a broker and trade shares.

Use Photos to Earn Cash

If you are a photo fanatic, or have already developed a popular Instagram or SnapChat following, it might be worth your time to court with certain sponsorships. With a good following, you can make yourself a minor celebrity and start supplementing your income with advertising and sponsorships on your social media.

Rent Out Your Wardrobe

Maybe you bought a wedding gown or lovely evening gown for a party and you never wear it anymore. It is possible to make money with these items through sites such as RentNotBuy, Tradesy, and Loanables. These sites also allow you to rent out accessories such as jewelry, shoes, handbags, and more.

Six Surprising Ways to Make Money on Your Own Time

Making a little extra money doesn’t have to be difficult. Just think about the things and talents you already have, then put them to good use through offering goods and services. Today’s online world opens up a bunch of possible avenues for putting a little padding in your wallet. What other ways can you think of to earn money on your own time?