Although divorces are becoming more commonplace, they’re still difficult and painful for all family members involved. Kids often have a hard time adjusting to the new schedules, and it can lead to strife between ex-spouses, grandparents, and others. This is when you need to remind yourself that children are incredibly resilient. Not only can your son or daughter survive this, but there are also steps you can take to make it a little easier on them.

Remember Your Roles
You are your child’s support system, and it’s important to remember that. Far too often, parents make the mistake of reversing roles and allowing their children to provide them with emotional support. Sign up for therapy sessions if necessary, but make sure you are the rock your children need, and do everything you can not to lean on them. Of course, continue to give them responsibility and remind them you need them, but don’t dump your troubles on them. Identify your support group among your family and friends, and talk to them when you need to vent.

Reassurance and Schedules
Your child may not express their fears to you, but it’s completely natural for kids to be worried about what the future holds. Reassure children that you and your partner still love them, that the divorce is not their fault, and that everything will be okay. Reinforce the message by getting your lives on some kind of schedule. Kids may not know how to verbalize it, but having a set routine gives them peace of mind, and helps them have faith that things will work out.

The Right Therapy
In the wake of a divorce, you may suspect that your child needs therapy or a better outlet for emotions. It’s good for kids to talk things out with a professional, and children who are struggling with grades and self-control issues may benefit from these kinds of resources. Therapy in Sioux Falls offer child targeted treatments which can help children overcome the challenges they’re facing, and help them move forward.

Keep it Positive

When it comes to your former spouse, keep it positive. This person is part of your child. When you tear him or her down, it hurts children. While your complaints may be well founded, you should never share them with kids.



You can take a few simple steps to help your children and make this time easier on them. As difficult as the divorce is on you, they’re also dealing with a great deal of pain and confusion. Keep your roles straight and establish a routine to help your child adjust. Together, you can get through this process and heal.


1 thought on “Scary Situations: What You Can Do to Help Kids Through a Divorce

  1. I find it important that you stay civil for the sake of the kids. No bad mouthing each other in front of the children or asking the children for information on what happens when they are with the other parent. Divorce is very hard on a child, these are great tips. Thank you for sharing.

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