5 Ways to Handle a Loved One Being Injured at Work (1)

Getting hurt on the job requires immediate attention. When a loved one is injured at work, they may or may not know the immediate steps to take. Help them to take action to assess their injury, fight for their rights, and take steps to heal properly. Consider these steps to assist them in the best way possible.

Get the Loved One to a Doctor

After people are injured, they are quick to say that they are okay. The truth is that there can be other injuries that are unseen, like a hairline fracture, internal bleeding or muscle problems that don’t seem to show up immediately. Visiting a doctor immediately is important. Take the loved one to the doctor. Even if there is a work doctor who is seen for the injury, a second opinion should be sought to make sure nothing further is the matter.

Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer

Getting hurt at work may be the result of negligence or misconduct. An injury that resulted from work may cause lost earnings, property damages, pain and suffering, emotional distress and medical expenses. Contacting a personal injury lawyer can help to seek compensation for these damages. It is important to contact a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. According to personal injury lawyers in Austin, Texas at the Law Offices of Eric Harron, each state has its own statute of limitations on when a complaint can be made. Gather medical records as well. These will be useful, and they are essential, to the lawyer to establish the facts of the case and to seek compensation.

Ease the Burden

People need time to heal, and more importantly, they need a way to heal. An injured person will take longer to heal if they have to use the muscles or bones that are injured. Cook an abundance of food in advance that can be frozen and microwaved at a later time. Get them plastic or paper plates to eat the meals with so that cleaning up will be a breeze. Perform regular maintenance duties for them, such as taking out their trash, mowing their yard and retrieving their mail. Lightening their load can help them to heal twice as fast.

Make Healing Foods

Food is the original medicine. It plays a vital role in how quickly people heal from injuries. People who have extensive muscle injuries benefit from eating large amounts of protein. People who are recovering from surgeries are frequently told to eat large amounts of protein so that their muscles can repair more quickly. Injuries that involve the skin benefit greatly from large amounts of vitamin C. Offer oranges, strawberries and other vitamin C-bearing fruit and vegetables to encourage healing. Use garlic, turmeric or coconut oil in foods for injuries that have caused infection. Making rice with these three ingredients, and others, helps people recover from infections quicker than without them.

Keep the Loved One Company

Instead of repeatedly asking the loved one about the injury, take time to make them laugh. Watch comedy, watch a movie, play Mad Libs or play a fun board game. Laughter truly is the best medicine. It increases oxygen within the body. This is transported to organs and other body tissue, which speeds up recovery. Laughter releases muscle tension. If the body is tense, it will take longer to heal. Laughter releases endorphins, which help to ease up pain, and further, eases up muscle tension. Laughter helps to strengthen the immune system, which is excellent for fighting infection. There are many more benefits, but the best way laughter helps is that it relieves stress. Stress causes more issues for the body. With a good outlook, a loved one will recover in no time.

Above all, simply ask what can be done for the loved one. Knowing that someone cares may be all that is needed.