At Home Conception Kit

Thank you to Conception Kit at-home system for sponsoring this post. The Conception Kit is a new FDA approved, insurance accepted at home system designed to improve fertility. I know too many couples that have struggled to grow their family and I’m hopeful that this is one way that can make their dreams a reality! For me, getting pregnant with my oldest happened fast, to be honest, maybe a little too fast! For my second child, we tried for a little over a year when I finally called my midwife for advice. The very next month, I was pregnant with baby number two! Her advice was simple, only try every other day instead of daily and stop stressing out! While it worked for me, it’s just not that simple for everyone! 

The Conception Kit at-home system is a treatment method to enhance conception in the privacy of your own home. This simpler conception treatment with life changing results can enhance your ability to conceive especially in cases of male factor fertility so that trying to get pregnant doesn’t have to be a waiting game.

The Conception Kit® enables couples to maintain their privacy by offering an innovative and simple at-home fertility treatment system. The joys of starting a new family or adding to an existing one are immense but often not without sacrifice. Many couples now face difficulty when trying to conceive whether due to environmental factors, individual health issues, or other causes. No matter what the cause, the feelings of stress and frustration are the same.

The Conception Cap

If you’re reading this post, you already know that ​conceiving a child is not always easy. The Conception Kit® at-home system is a comprehensive, FDA-cleared medical device. It is designed to help couples go beyond ovulation timing and overcome common fertility problems such as:


This is possible by using the key component of the kit: the soft, latex-free Conception Cap® in the privacy of your own home. This option is also affordable as the Conception Kit is covered by many insurance policies as a pharmacy benefit with a co-pay between $25 – $50. A prescription is required in the United States. Have your physician write a prescription for 1 Conception Kit®. The Conception Kit is available by prescription at Target, Walmart and Rite Aid pharmacies.

Not sure that this is right for you? Or, you’ve filled your prescription and have questions?  Talk to a registered on staff nurses 24/7 by dialing toll-free (855) 910-9222 to discuss if Conception Kit may be right for you.

How the Conception Kit Works

The Conception Kit uses the Cervical cap insemination method to enhance conception. This type of treatment has been in place since the 1950s as an in-office treatment for infertility. But now, The Conception Kit takes some of the stigmatization of infertility out of the equation as well as the embarrassment some couples feel having this procedure done by a doctor and allows them to use this process at home.  

By using the Conception Kit® the patient will transfer the semen into the soft flexible Conception Cap® (cervical cap). It is then inserted into the vagina and placed over the cervix, where sperm cells are placed in direct contact with the cervical os (opening) for 4 to 6 hours. The ability to concentrate semen and deliver it to the cervix is very important. Research has shown that 90% of the sperm will not survive the first ten minutes inside the vagina for various factors.

Concentrating all available sperm at the cervical opening protected from the vaginal environment means:

  • Sperm cells do not have to swim up the wall of the vagina to reach the cervical opening
  • Sperm cells will not be pulled out of the vaginal cavity by the penis or gravity
  • Sperm cells are not lost in the vagina
  • Sperm cells will not be affected (die) by the acidic vaginal environment
  • Sperm cells will pool in the right location to meet with the cervical opening and cervical mucus


All About the Timing

The Conception Kit®​ at-home system goes beyond just ovulation timing by using cervical cap insemination. During cervical cap insemination all available ejaculate/sperm are positioned inside the cervical cap for six hours at the cervix opening.  This is done during the best time for conception to occur. Inside the cervical cap the sperm will then swim into the cervical opening and beyond to fertilize the egg.

The Conception Kit®​ at-home system contains 24 ovulation predictors (8 per month).

If the patient were to purchase the same amount of over-the-counter ovulation predictors and pregnancy tests that are provided inside the Conception Kit®​ they would spend over $75.00.

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