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Being a parent of a young child, you have been your child’s caregiver, provider, and teacher since the day they were born. You’ve had to make tough decisions on their behalf, but none as tough as when to begin school. As your child approaches the age of three, you may be wondering if preschool will be beneficial. You may be thinking, “I can teach my child his ABC’s” or “All they do is play, he can play at home.” But preschool offers so much more than just teaching the ABC’s or playing. Preschool offers opportunities for your child that will only make him a better student and hopefully a life-long learner.

The Benefits of Preschool

Separation Anxiety

He’s in a new environment, surrounded by strangers. Preschool offers a safe environment for your child to learn that it’s okay to be left with adults that you trust. It gives your child experience trusting adults that are in that school building. And as time progresses, your child won’t feel so anxious about you leaving. They will accept that school is normal, and you will be back soon.

Social Interaction

Preschool offers a safe place for your child to learn to communicate, share, take turns and how to work together with others of their own age. This is especially important if children don’t have siblings, cousins, or other kids their age to interact with.


A class period may be a fifteen minute center-time, but each child spends fifteen minutes in their assigned center doing whatever learning activity has been planned. Children learn the order of the daily schedule. They’ll recognize when something is out of order, and they will communicate that they have recognized it either by telling you or by showing you with their behavior.


When there aren’t twenty-three adults to help the twenty-three children put their coat, hat and gloves on, your child learns how to do these things for himself.

Math and Literacy Skills

Learning numbers, letter sounds and shapes are cleverly disguised in fun activities, like songs, rhymes and games. Your child doesn’t even realize that he’s learning because he is having fun.

Kindergarten Readiness

Children that attend preschool are better prepared for the structure, hard work and discipline that is required in kindergarten, because they have had the opportunity to practice those things in preschool.

Benefits of Preschool

This is just an abbreviated list of reasons you should consider placing your child in preschool. One thing you should also remember is most preschool teachers are very nurturing. They are looking for ways to peak your child’s individuality and curiosity by presenting a wide variety of topics. What are some other benefits of preschool?


Informational credit to International School of MN.



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  1. It’s nice that you talked about how preschool could offer a safe place for a child to learn to communicate, share, take turns, and how to work together with others of their own age. We want our daughter to have a solid foundation for schooling, so we are thinking of having her learn early. For that, we are planning on enrolling her in preschool pretty soon.

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