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Trendy Sunglasses

Sunglasses have come to be one of the biggest accessories to complete an outfit. They are a great way to show off your style, while also bringing an outfit together. The best part about sunglasses is that they serve a dual purpose aside from just being a fashion accessory. The National Eye Institute notes that sunglasses are important to stave off cataracts, macular degeneration, and astigmatism. Here are four trendy sunglass styles for women that also keep your health in mind.


This classic look embraces sensibility, as the shape of these sunglasses fit the common person’s every need. Aviators can easily be dressed up as well as dressed down, so they can be the one pair that you bring around with you all day. Oakley aviator sunglasses are a great simple, yet very trendy accessory right now. While not too flashy, these can be worn all day and into the night for a really versatile look.

Flat Top/Square

This trend, like others in clothing right now, is a throwback with a new age twist. The flat top gives a sleek look to this style that was missing in past decades. This style incorporates an aviator look with oversized frames to make women really look like they have that classic Hollywood style. There are plenty of different sunglasses available in this style. If you are looking for shades on a budget, you can find some great Discountrue coupons for Sunglass Hut and similar retailers.


This is another throwback look that is very stylish this season. These sunglasses are the perfect complement to a ’70s style outfit. For example, certain Ray-Ban sunglasses really play into the retro look. These types of sunglasses have been worn for decades not only by everyday people, but also iconic musicians. With a curved brow bar and adjustable nose pads, these sunglasses fit comfortably on the face. The round and retro style in sunglasses is sure to get the owner noticed.

White Frames

Another look that has been seen in the past that is back again is white framed sunglasses. These sunglasses have evolved as a trendy way to make a chic statement and update your look. Trendsetting celebrities have brought this old style back to life.

Stylish Eyewear

Introduce a new or throwback style of trendy sunglasses to your look this season. Whole trends continue to evolve throughout the years, sometimes the best trends come back due to their stylish practicality.

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  1. My mom has macular degeneration, and she is so sad that she has to wear glasses. I think she just needs to find some really cute frames! I really want a pair of my own, actually.

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