Having a food intolerance can be difficult when you’re at home, but it can be even more of a challenge when you’re traveling because you don’t have the same amount of control over the foods you eat. This is especially true when road tripping and stopping for meals on the go, as well as when getting to your destination by plane or train. And once you arrive at your destination, it may be difficult to find restaurants that provide you with the foods that will prevent allergic reactions.

Traveling With a Food Intolerance

How can you overcome these challenges and travel with a food intolerance without falling ill? Continue reading for a few tips.

Rent a Space with Your Own Kitchen

If possible, try to book your accommodations in a hotel room or perhaps even a house or a condo where you have access to your own partial or full kitchen. In this way, you can head out, purchase the ingredients that you know you aren’t intolerant to, and prepare at least the majority of your meals yourself. While this may be a bit of a hassle, it will be worth it to ensure your well-being during your trip, and this is especially helpful for those on a gluten free diet as a result of celiac disease. As someone that has been following a low carb diet for over a year and a half I personally know how much easier it is to make my own food rather than wonder what hidden ingredients are in my food at a restaurant!

Be Able to Communicate Your Allergies in Another Language

When traveling to a foreign country, learn to say at least the key phrases that will ensure you can properly order food from a restaurant without having to worry about contamination with allergenic ingredients. For example, you may want to learn phrases like, “Is this gluten free?” or “Does this contain dairy?”

You can also purchase a convenient wallet-size card that provides information on your dietary restrictions and allergies in the native language of your destination so you can ensure you’re communicating accurately. You can get these food allergy translation cards from companies like Dietary Card, SelectWisely, and Allergy Translation.

Ask Your Airline to Cater to Your Food Intolerance

Many airlines today know that a lot of people have food intolerances and special dietary needs. Therefore, they’ve made it a point to offer a variety of meal options. It’s no longer a one size fits all meal plan, and all you have to do is speak with your airline when booking your flight or discuss this with your travel agent if you’re booking through one. In this way, you can rest assured that you can eat en route to your destination, as well as on your return trip.

Research the Right Local Restaurants

Prior to heading to your destination, do some research online to find the right local restaurants that cater to your dietary needs. With so many vegan and gluten free restaurants around the world, as a couple examples, you’re sure to find great places to eat throughout your stay.


With the tips above, you can ensure that your next trip, however far from your home base, will be an exciting one that won’t result in an allergic reaction to a food that your body doesn’t tolerate.

Do you have a food intolerance? Leave a comment below with your best tips for avoiding illness on the road!