save money on baby clothes

When a family learns there’s a new baby on the way, there’s normally a lot of emotions, planning and expectancy in the air. Babies change a family’s dynamic dramatically because they need so much love and attention. When soon-to-be parents begin learning more about what it takes to care for a baby, there is usually a lot of surprise involving how expensive a baby really is. The hospital bill alone easily runs thousands of dollars and the baby isn’t even at home yet. As one can imagine, it is crucial to make sure the baby gets taken care of. One of the most important items to purchase for a baby is their clothes. After all, happy babies are clothed, fed, changed and well-rested. Many parents are well-aware of how expensive baby clothes can be. Babies grow really quickly and the idea of buying new clothes every month is just too much for most parents. So, in order to deal with the baby who won’t stop growing, consider these ways to help save money on your baby’s apparel.

Save on Baby Clothes

1. Wear larger sizes.
Baby clothes are often labeled with their age. Many parents make the mistake of purchasing tons of outfits for every single month. Instead of stacking up for each month, consider doubling up on certain months and only buying a few items in the in-between months. For example, purchase a ton of tops for a five month old. Allow the baby to start wearing them at three months and four months. This will give two months of room to grow into the clothes. It’ll also be much easier on the budget. It’s okay to have one or two items for each age as well. If the baby is at home every day, just keep them in their diaper and an onesie. Onesies come in packs and are reasonably priced.

2. Attend/Organize Clothing Swaps.
Clothing swaps are lots of fun. They’re also a really cost-effective way to get new clothes. Gather a few moms together and encourage them to invite their mommy friends. If everyone comes together and brings a bag of clothes they’re done with, there’s no reason everyone can’t leave with new clothes for their little one. Just be sure to instruct everyone to thoroughly cleanse, bleach and disinfect the clothing to keep germs at bay! If there are no new moms in your immediate circle, do an online search to find and bring new mothers together who are local.

3. Shop online.
One of the greatest inventions of the 21st century is the internet. This is because the internet allows people to do so much from the comfort of their own home. They can talk to someone across the world, order groceries and delivery. They can also do all their clothes shopping online. Shopping and waiting in long mall lines with a newborn in tow is never ideal. Besides, there are lots of online shops like with lots of great discounts on baby clothes, formula and baby toy and supplies like baby bouncers, swings and other deals!

4. Use coupons.
It’s time to start downloading the coupon apps and clipping the weekend paper for savings. Many companies practically give away items for free based on the amount of discounts they offer on their coupons. Even though coupon clipping might seem like a lot to do, it is really worth it in the long run. Don’t forget to do an online search for coupon deals and print them out before heading to the store. Every little bit counts.

When it comes to our babies, there’s usually nothing we wouldn’t do to keep them happy, healthy and whole. Thanks to these strategies, it won’t be hard to get a baby clothed, warm and stylish in their new threads. Whether the baby clothes are hand-me-downs, found on the clearance rack or a little big, they’re hanging on a baby whose cared for and that’s the most important part!