Welcome to our Home, 5 Essentials for Your Newborn Baby

Beyond the typical gadgets and more advanced techy things like two way wireless intercom systems and the like, there are at least five essential things you need to equip your nursery with, and these are items you need to choose wisely. Safety, usefulness, and design are factors you will need to keep in mind when you make your purchases.

1. The Crib

When you buy a crib, the first thing you need to consider is how safe the crib is. Today’s safety standards require that the crib’s slats be no more than 2 3/8 inches apart so that a baby’s head or limbs cannot get stuck between them.

Choose a crib with a mattress that fits very snugly to make sure the baby’s head does not accidentally get caught in the space between the mattress and the crib frame. If you want a crib with a drop side, look for one with a double release mechanism that requires the use of a foot latch. This way, your baby cannot accidentally open the crib and fall out.

2. A Glider or a Rocking Chair

Find a sturdy glider or rocking chair with comfortably padded armrests, good support for your back and your head, and enough room for you to shift positions with a baby in your arms. As a rule, a glider that sits flat on the floor is safer than a rocker because there is less danger of toes getting pinched under it. Again, it is best to get a piece that has no gaps in the framework where your child’s arms can get caught, and these kinds of gliders are available at places like Shop Sugar Babies.

3. An Ottoman

The value of an ottoman cannot be overstated because it allows you to elevate your tired feet while you hold your baby. Today, manufacturers often produce matching ottomans for their gliders and rockers, but make sure you test the ottoman for height before buying it. It is best to consider the future load on your lap when you make your choice. Also, remember that this ottoman might grace the family room someday, so pick one versatile enough for such a transition.

4. A Changing Table

To get a changing table that will really work for you, start by measuring the space where you will be putting it. Position the changing table where you have ample elbow room to move and where you can have easy access to diapers, wipes, and creams.

In general, a big changing table has an edge over a small one because you can use it right up to the time your child is toilet trained. If you are short on space, think about getting a changing table that doubles up as a chest of drawers.

5. A Safe Nail Cutter

Those cute little fingers will soon need a manicure, and that can be a scary thought – especially for first time parents. To make sure you trim your baby’s nails safely, look for one of those new battery operated nail buffers; these allow you to gently file your baby’s extremely soft nails without damaging the skin around them.

While furnishing your nursery, bear in mind that the priciest items are not necessarily the best. Before buying anything, browse through customer reviews and take a look at websites with updates on current safety standards for nursery products. Once you’ve done that, go ahead and pick out all the cute things your heart desires and have a blast!