How to Impress your Spouse with a Home Makeover

After binge-watching home makeover shows with your hubby, you might dream of sprucing up your place and surprising your spouse. Unfortunately, if you slap together a makeover in a weekend and forget about your bills, your spouse might decide to sleep on the couch for the night. Here are three tips for impressing your spouse with a home makeover, so that things stay upbeat:

1: Set Aside Cash

Nobody likes to find out that their savings account has been sucked dry—especially if they weren’t the one doing the spending. To avoid surprising your spouse with a negative account balance, set aside cash for a few months beforehand. In addition to limiting your spending to whatever you have set aside, using cash will also keep your spouse from finding out about your surprise early. After all, if that sofa purchase doesn’t show up on your credit card statement, it might be more exciting for your spouse to find one in your living room. 

2: Shop Smart

Don’t let your hurry distract you from finding great deals on home furnishings. Take the time to look for online promo codes, in-store coupons, and seasonal sales. Keep in mind that the more money you save, the further you can make your redecoration budget go. Shop for larger items first so that you know how much you have for smaller objects. For example, you might be able to find a great promotion code for that flat screen television, so that you have the cash to replace those drapes.

3: Add Special Touches

If you are trying to impress your spouse with a gorgeous home makeover, don’t forget to add a few special touches. Consider using your wedding photo for the center of that picture collage, or showcasing your hubby’s favorite painting. For an inconspicuous look, consider framing photos of some of the places you have visited together. For example, you might include a picture of your favorite beach, or where you honeymooned together. The more personalized your design is, the more it might mean to your spouse.

Don’t worry too much about frames and design schemes matching perfectly. By incorporating different colors and styles, your home will have more of an eclectic feel. Also, try to blend masculine and feminine colors, so that your spouse isn’t inundated with frilly duvets and pots of orchids. Try to strike a balance so that your space seems neutral.

By giving your house a much-needed home makeover, you might be able to create a warm and interesting space that everyone will love.