As a parent, you want to provide your child with as many opportunities for educational growth as possible. You dream of the day when he or she can attend the university of his or her choice. But you worry that certain circumstances may prevent this dream from becoming a reality.

Conditions such as health issues, military lifestyles, and different learning abilities all make it difficult for children to learn in a traditional setting. You’ve heard about cyber charter schools, but you wonder if these institutions are the right option for your child.

To determine if this form of education suits your son or daughter, consult the list below. You’ll find a list of pros and cons below so you can better decide on how to best help him or her progress academically.

Pros Cyber Charter Schools Offer

This new form of education provides children with numerous advantages.

  1. Tuition-Free Education

If you’ve explored various educational institutions or other online programs for your child, then you know that these methods require you to pay tuition. With cyber charter schools, you don’t have to worry about an additional financial stress. Virtual schools are tuition-free, so your child receives the same education without having to pay excessive fees.

  1. Easy Access to Teachers and Materials

Most cyber charter schools lend out computers, printers, software, textbooks, and a set reimbursement for internet connection. Your child also has fast access to certified teachers and lesson plans. With these benefits, your child can better learn from home.

  1. Children Learn at Their Own Pace

If your child has a harder time learning new concepts and materials, then you should consider a charter school like Agora, a PA cyber school to help your child learn. With this form of schooling, your child learns at his or her own pace. This flexible program adheres to state educational laws, but licensed teachers work with you to set a learning pace for your child.

These instructors also tailor lesson plans to your child’s interests and needs so your son or daughter can flourish in this academic setting.

Cons of Virtual Schooling

Though the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages, you’ll still want to familiarize yourself with the cons of cyber charter schools.

  1. Limited Social Interaction

As with most homeschooling programs, cyber charter schools limit your child’s social interaction. Where public education provides your son or daughter opportunities to interact with peers, virtual schooling does not. Since your child fulfills his or her educational requirements from home, you’ll need to find ways to let your child interact with other children outside of your home.

  1. Higher Risk for Distractions

Again, since your child stays home during normal school hours, he or she is more susceptible to distractions. Your home contains dozens of disruptions, such as a T.V. and games. Additionally, your child is more likely to nap or relax at home. As a result, his or her educational progress could suffer.


Now that you know the pros and cons of virtual schooling, you can better determine if this method suits your child. Keep these benefits and disadvantages in mind as you consider cyber charter schools to improve your child’s academic experience.