dentist ona dime

There are two main reasons why many Americans find dental services so expensive. First, 40+ million adults today don’t even have dental insurance! And second, even those who do, find it generally won’t cover more than $1,000 in a year of care. So how can you get the dental care you need without going over budget? These tips can help.

Get Your Checkups
Checkups, often called preventative care, rarely cost more than a few hundred dollars (including x-rays) and can spot bigger issues before they get too expensive to treat. Sometimes preventive care is able to inhibit costly issues from developing at all: periodontal disease (gum disease) being just one example. A Health Centered Dentistry like the ones in Anchorage AK might be another option for catching many other diseases you never knew could start with your mouth. Regular cleanings and fluoride treatments keep gums healthy and strong to prevent the need for more invasive care later.

Ask About Payment Plans
Dentists are not unaware of the challenges Americans face with paying for care. More dentists today offer payment plans and financing, so ask your dentist what is available to you. If your dentist does not currently offer any type of payment plan or financing, you might consider a different dentist who does, or ask if you could get a discount off the total cost of the procedure by paying in cash instead. 

Use Your FSA or HSA Benefits Wisely
If your employer offers flexible spending accounts (FSAs) or health savings accounts (HSAs), you typically have 12 months to use any tax-free funds you deposit into your fund on any type of medical care you may need – including dental. Try to find ways to schedule your visits around when you have money deposited and can use it.

Consider Getting Dental Insurance or a Discount Plan
Dental insurance and dental discount plans are both avenues to spending less on certain types of dental care. 
– Dental insurance will typically cost you $25 per month or less and reimburses you on an 100/80/50 structure (100 percent reimbursement for preventative care, 80 percent for basic treatments, and 50 percent for major services – up to the annual cap, which can vary by provider.)
– Discount dental plans often charge a flat enrollment fee rather than monthly premiums (expect to pay anywhere from $80-$120) and will cover a range of services at a 10-60 percent discount.
Dentist on a Dime Tips to Save on Your Next Visit

These tips can help you make the most of your budget for dental care and support you in the event you have a major dental procedure you need to pay for.