6 Classy Interior Designs to Consider for your Home for Fall 2015


Fall brings with it new vibrant colors that make you want to give your home a makeover. During this season, people customarily put up harvest wreaths or display a few autumn items in their homes. You can do that too, but if you want to do more to really spruce up your home, here are some ideas for you to try.

1. Bring the outdoors into your home.

If you the good fortune to have a garden that is all abloom with the colors of fall, bring lots of branches indoors and create tabletop arrangements that showcase their beautiful leaves. One of the best examples of this outdoor-to-indoor continuum is Oprah Winfrey’s garden. It is said that all the roses there perfectly complement the interior of her house.

2. Use creative containers for your fall flower arrangements.

This season, don’t settle for the usual vase or urn; fashion some unique containers to liven up your décor. For example, instead of simply using pumpkins as a symbol of fall, carve the tops out from a few pieces and use them as planters. If you scoop out the seeds and line the insides with heavy duty foil, you will have a picturesque set of vases for your flower arrangements. Put together a topiary made of pumpkins, insert pots of blooming plants, and you have the perfect piece to add drama to your living room.

3. Rethink the way you dress up your windows.

A change in season is a good time to upgrade the way your windows are dressed. While sheer curtains are ideal for summer, the coming of fall will allow you to use thicker drapes. You might want to change the color of your curtains to echo outdoor hues, or you might consider adding a valance to give your windows a new look. Roman shades are also a good way to make your windows look attractive.

4. Give your windows a genuine lift.

If you are ready to do more than just change your curtains, try a more thorough window makeover. Very often, the condition of your windows will show how old and how well maintained your entire house is. Maybe it is time to replace those glass panes. Maybe the window casings or the jamb have started to look shabby. See if you need to repair your windows or alter them completely. Explore the option of using custom shutters for your home; see how white shutters will immediately transform your place into a Cape Code cottage and how shutters in natural wood will give it a distinctly Caribbean touch.

5. Give your front door a treat.

Your front door plays a big role in creating an impression of elegance when people come to your doorstep. Give that door and that door jamb a fresh coat of paint, and when you do, consider the idea of using a new, vibrant color. While you’re at it, polish that door knob, that door knocker, and your house numbers. Dress up your door with a fresh wreath and line up some healthy looking potted plants to give your doorstep a welcoming air.

6. Introduce new colors in your decorating scheme.

For a refreshing change, you can repaint your house in a new color. However, if you are not willing to take on painting as a project, there are other ways to bring new colors into your surroundings. If you have old dining chairs that have begun to look drab, this is the time to give them slipcovers in the colors that you are introducing. Curtain swags, tablecloths, vases, or throw pillows are objects you can use to establish your new color scheme.

Giving your house a new look is always an exciting project, and fall is a good time to get this done. Start with these simple ideas and spend the rest of the season enjoying the new look your house will acquire.