Fireworks and Barbeque How to Throw the Best Outdoor Party for your Friends and Family

Throw the Best Outdoor Party Ever

Your friends probably come over at times to watch television, play games or just to talk for a short time. Whether you want to celebrate for a holiday, special event or just to spend quality time with friends, consider throwing one of the best BBQ parties ever. You don’t have to spend a lot of time, either, with only a few tips.

Buffet or Potluck
If you are planning on inviting a lot of people to the BBQ, you might want to consider asking guests to bring at least a side dish. This could be baked beans, chips, slaw or other items so that all you have to make are the meats. When you do a buffet style BBQ, it can save you money while still being able to have all of the essential food items. You can also bring your own beer event if you want to allow people to drink but don’t want to furnish the beverages.

It doesn’t have to be the Fourth of July for you to have fireworks at your BBQ. You can get small fireworks to set off on concrete so that you have a little color at the event. If you live in a state that allows larger fireworks, then you can get the ones that go up in the air. This would be best for a special celebration, such as a holiday, engagement party or wedding reception.

You want your guests to be comfortable. Companies like Design Furnishings have tables, chairs and other items that will give your friends and family a relaxing experience while enjoying delicious food. You can set up a large table for the food with smaller tables for the side dishes and for people to place their plates and cups.

One of the ways to keep guests entertained is to offer games at the BBQ. These could be competitions for prizes or just some fun games to give guests something to do before and after eating. If you have a pool, then consider incorporating the pool into the BBQ with beach balls and other inflatables. Spray paint can be used to make a Twister game on the ground.

Don’t forget to decorate the yard to make it feel festive. Add lanterns on posts or in the trees for a different lighting effect. Balloons are good, but make sure they are in an area where they won’t easily get popped. Think about a theme that you like, such as a luau, and get decorations that will accent this theme.

Chicken and Beef Kabobs

Here’s one of my favorite BBQ Recipes

There are several ways to pull off a wonderful BBQ for friends and family. All you need is a little planning and organization. Along with the right foods, music and decorations, your guests will likely leave wanting to come back for more.