Becoming a successful working mother means acknowledging the fact that you’ll have a massive amount of responsibility on your plate, and knowing that you’ll need to learn how to successfully balance the two. Whilst one of your jobs will never give you so much as a day off or a break – as a mother you’ll be on call for your little ones 24/7, it’s easy to see why many professional mums tend to be overworked and exhausted. Can you really hold down a professional job, whilst still being able to give everything to your family? It’s certainly possible, and here are some top tips to help you out.

Sleep Is Key

Getting enough sleep is vital to our bodily functioning, and if you’re working as a professional and also a mum, making sure that you sleep enough is essential if you want to keep your energy levels up and prevent yourself from becoming run down and exhausted. When your schedule is pretty hectic, the worst thing that you can do for yourself and your family is to stay up into the early hours, so make sure that you cut yourself some slack and get a good night’s rest as often as you can.

Have the Right Attitude

No matter how hard a day you’ve had at work, if you take out your frustrations on your family when you get home, you’ll only end up making things worse. Remember that time with your family is precious and should be enjoyed, especially when your children are young, as they grow up faster than we realize. Making a conscious effort to leave your irritations and frustrations outside the door will help you to keep a healthy balance between your work and family life.

Plan and Prioritize

Although it might at certain times feel like you’re expected to be a superhero – the fact is that you practically are. Working mums have a lot more to do than most regular people, so making sure that you plan everything properly and make detailed lists can help you keep on top of your organisation and ensure that you don’t get unnecessarily stressed out. Simple plans such as what to put in packed lunches for the week can often make a lot of difference.

Enlist Some Help

Being a working mum doesn’t mean that you need to go it alone – there are many excellent options for a little bit of extra help out there that can really make the difference to your life. If your partner or spouse also works full time, you’ll probably find that tasks such as dropping off and collecting your children from school, for example can be quite difficult at times. This is where the services of a professional childminder or even an au pair such as those at can really come in handy.

Are you a successful working mother? What do you find works for you, and what would you avoid doing if you had the chance to start again? We’d love to hear your experiences, opinions and advice in the comments.