Home Computer

Buying a new home computer is always an exercise in knowing what will likely be available tomorrow so that you can maximize the use of the computer that you will buy today. Fortunately, unless your machine will be used exclusively for gaming, there are few obstacles to projecting at least a decade of solid use out of your next purchase. Here are some of the most important things to keep in mind while you shop for your next home computer:

Screen Size

Because most home computers are now either laptops or all-in-one home computers that integrate the computer into the back of the screen, the screen size and resolution that you choose will stay with you for quite a while. It is possible to use an external screen with many computers, but for everyday use, finding a screen size that you are comfortable with is a very good idea.

Operating System

The focus for many people that use a home computer is working online to shop, research, or play. In the past, Windows was the choice that came with most home computers. Today, you can choose from Apple IOS, Windows, Chrome, or Android on some machines. Each system has its advantages. If you are very online-centric, looking at the type of applications that are available through the store for each operating system is a good place to start your comparison. If your computer will be used for engineering or business, security ratings for your operating system will be more important. You may also find that Chrome and Android are not as attractive because some of your applications are more likely to reside on your hard drive.


It sounds strange, but even though computers are much easier to use than they were several years ago, they are also much more complex. If something goes wrong with an all-in-one desktop or a laptop and it is a hardware problem, you almost have to be an engineer to fix it. Similarly, software problems can be difficult to track down and solve. It is therefore a good idea to find a support company that can handle everything from repairs and upgrades to virus and malware removal. Need Computer Help is an example of a support company that offers support all over the United States by phone and via the internet. They also have a physical location where computers can be dropped off if necessary.


One of the strengths of using today’s operating systems is that many applications are able to tie into appliances, door locks, and other features of your home so that your computer can also function as a nerve center for things like changing the temperature or even setting your coffee pot to automatically brew at a certain time. The best way to find out how well your choice will allow you to perform home automation is to look at individual products that are out on the market and designed for the internet of things. If your computer and its software can use the applications that they provide, you will have a much richer experience. According to the World Economic Forum, the internet of things will ‘dramatically alter’ how business is done in up to 66 percent of the world’s economy over the next 10 years. Buying a computer that is able to take advantage of those changes is therefore money better spent.

Multimedia has been a feature of home computers for years. Great multimedia is not always traditionally included because some systems are sold at a lower price point. If you are primarily watching movies, in addition to your video device, sound device, and speakers, your CPU and memory size can impact the quality of the playback. With Netflix and other online channels now offering HD quality for some of their movies, it makes sense to ensure that you get the quality that you desire. Many people moved over to Apple because their Retina Display provided one of the best viewing experiences possible. Android and Windows machines have now caught up, with certain vendors providing the same level of experience with certain models of their home computers. Checking into this in advance can save you some time with upgrades if it makes a difference as a feature for you.

Buying a Home Computer is a pretty fun experience normally. If you make certain that you set some requirements in the feature areas that are important to you, your new machine will keep you happy for years.