7 Home Updates That Your Kids Won't Ruin By The Time You Are Ready To Sell

A homeowner should always be thinking about what kind of value a new project is going to add to their property, but things change when children are involved. Upgrades such as new appliances or hardwood floors may not last in a house filled with kids, and this means it is time to start thinking about durability. Here are seven long-term upgrades that not only have a high return on investment, but are also built to last.

1. Roofing

Modern roofing materials and designs often have double the lifespan of older roofs. On average, a home’s roof will need to be changed every 20 to 50 years depending on a few different variables. This means that a new roof is sure to last through your child’s younger years and there is little risk of damage outside of natural disasters and extreme weather.

2. HVAC System

An HVAC system upgrade is not only a good choice because it will add value to the property, but it will also make the home more comfortable in the coming years, and will even cut back on monthly energy bills. Modern high-efficiency systems use just a fraction of the energy of older models and are designed to have a much longer lifespan. When combined with a programmable thermostat, it will be a major selling point.

3. Solar Panels

Solar panels have quickly become one of the most popular home upgrades with a global shift towards renewable energy. Solar panels can be as elaborate or as affordable as the homeowner would like with budget systems that produce just a fraction of the home’s electricity needs and whole-home setups that will allow a family to live off the grid completely.

4. Window Treatments

When it comes to your return on investment, few additions are comparable to window treatments. These have been proven to add long-term value to a home as long as the owners go with a timeless design. Options such as plantation shutters in a neutral tone will appeal to the widest range of buyers when it is time to sell the home. Getting new Las Vegas shutters is a good investment that will last for a long time.

5. Steel Front Door

A front door is sure to go through some wear-and-tear with kids running around the house, and this is why it might be time to start thinking about installing a steel front door. Updating the entryway is generally just behind kitchen upgrades for ROI, but they are much more resilient when it comes to ongoing use and will only need to be changed every 15 to 20 years. These also improve the safety of the home and come in practically every design and color imaginable.

6. Outdoor Siding

As long as the children are not climbing on the outside of the house, new outdoor siding will last for quite a few years and will add instant curb appeal to your property. Outdoor siding can be made from a wide variety of materials, but those that want durability should steer clear of options such as vinyl and plastic resin as they can crack and fade. Fiber-cement siding will be more expensive initially, but it will last longer and has a much better appearance.

7. Attic Bedroom Conversion

Larger families will always benefit from extra bedrooms, and the attic is a great place to convert into additional living space. Even if children get to choose their own paint schemes or scuff the floor, increasing the home’s total bedrooms will drastically increase its value in the future. When converting an attic into a bedroom, it is important to think about mechanical and maintenance issues such as insulation and electrical outlets.


These seven upgrades are great for any parents that want to increase their home’s value without running the risk of serious damage caused by children.