While I received this product for free, the opinions and thoughts included in this review are my own. 

Graco Simple Sway

Graco Simple Sway Swing

Literally, as I write this review, my granddaughter is fast asleep in her new Graco Simple Sway Swing. She. Loves. This. Swing! Which means, so do I! 

We chose the Abbington print which complements my black and gray living room decor perfectly. I love that the print is neutral so that we can pass this swing along when she outgrows it! Plus, this isn’t one of those giant swings that require rearranging the living room in order to make it fit – it has a really small footprint considering that the swing itself is full-size. And, just because it has a small footprint doesn’t mean it doesn’t pack a big, effective punch! This swing is loaded with great features from really nicely chosen songs and sounds (all 15 of them) to the quiet operation of the swaying swing. Seriously – imagine those old clunky swings that keep baby awake just from the sounds of operation … this, thankfully, is not like that at all. In fact, the quiet operation is almost a little too soothing for me as I work at my computer less than a foot away, I kind of want to nap right along with the baby! 

About the swaying – I am so used to the traditional front to back motion of a baby swing so I really wasn’t sure how this would work out – judging by the sleeping baby to my left, I’d say fantastically! 

We had a small swing before testing out this one – not only was it small, it had pretty awful music and it only ran on batteries. If your baby loves the swing as much as Chloe does, batteries just don’t cut it. Well, unless you own stock in some battery company. Plus, when you’re soothing a baby at 2am and the batteries die, it doesn’t matter how much stock you own if you should happen to be out of batteries. Lucky for us we plugged in the Graco Simple Sway Swing and we’re good to go! 

The swing features six swing speeds and I’m really pleased by this. While we haven’t really needed to crank it up past 4, I like being able to tailor the speed based on whether or not she’s awake, or has recently eaten. She’s still just 10 pounds so I’m thinking as she starts to fill in the swing we’ll get to play with those higher speeds! 

If I had to find fault in this swing, it’s definitely not in the swing itself, but in the instructions booklet that comes with it. I found the instructions to be just a little less clear than I’d like though I was able to put this swing together by myself in less than 20 minutes. Overall, I’m completely happy with this swing!! 

Below are some of the Simple Sway Swing features we love:

  • Small frame design fits easily anywhere in your home
  • Gentle, side-to-side swaying motion soothes and comforts baby
  • 2-speed vibration for baby’s relaxation
  • Deep, plush seat and body support keeps baby cozy and comfortable
  • 6 swing speeds for baby’s different moods
  • 15 songs and sounds to soothe and amuse baby 

Listen to the Simple Sway Swing

Well, and Chloe. I can’t get enough of those smiles and coos! She truly loves her new Graco Simple Sway Swing! 

 From Setup to Swinging

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