get a sick child to sleep through the night

We love our children, and, when they are feeling under the weather, we want to do everything we can to make them more comfortable and promote improvement. One of the most difficult times to deal with is bedtime. The various symptoms of cold and flu can present real hindrances to a good night’s rest, and sleep is crucial in the process of getting better. When you have a sick child who isn’t sleeping through the night, it can wreak havoc on the sleeping patterns of everyone in the home. Take a look at the following home remedies that will help a sick child sleep through the night, and hopefully improve their symptoms.

Overcoming a Chronic Cough

Constant coughing will not only keep your little one up all night, but makes it pretty difficult for anyone else in the home to sleep. Even with the help of cough syrup, it can feel impossible to doze off when constantly being interrupted by a coughing fit. There is a simple remedy that can help, and it has to do with gravity. During the day, postnasal drainage is swallowed. However, at night, it can quickly back up, and this causes irritation in your throat as you sleep. A great way to promote the diurnal flow during sleep is to simply prop up some pillows and doze off in a more upright position. Help your child get situated before bed so they are in a more upright position, and can enjoy clear breathing throughout the night.

The Stuffy Nose

Sleep does not come easy when your breathing is blocked by a stuffy nose. The swollen vessels in the nostrils also cause irritation. One way to relieve this pain is to use a humidifier in your child’s room. As a higher level of moisture begins to fill the air, the mucus that is causing the irritation will begin to thin, allowing the nostrils to more easily drain. Furthermore, the inflammation that is causing pressure and congestion will be alleviated, better allowing your child to breathe easy as they fall asleep.

Sleeping With a Fever

While reducing fever does not provide a cure for the underlying medical problem, it does help your child’s body fight off the illness more effectively and help them sleep. A children’s doctor in Columbus, GA warns that a temperature over 101 degrees (especially when experienced by a young child) requires medical attention. However, if your child has a mild fever, there is a home remedy for those not in immediate danger. Offering the child cold foods such as yogurt and ice cream can lower body temperature, as well as using a fan on a low setting. Although your child might be feeling chills along with their fever, getting their overall body temperature down will give the fever a better chance of breaking.

Beating Sore Throat Symptoms

Sore throats are highly irritating, especially for a small child who wants to sleep. Every time your child swallows, their throat burns, scratches, or aches—making it difficult for them to fall asleep and most importantly, stay asleep. There is a helpful way to ease the symptoms and encourage them sleep more soundly. A recent study has shown that honey proves more effective in easing symptoms such as sore throat than over-the-counter medications. This method has been used for decades. Simply mix honey with tea, or let your child consume it raw. Either way, they will not likely pass up the chance to indulge in a sweet treat. During the day, we like to use cough drops to help ease the throat.

Earache Troubles

Earaches are especially uncomfortable, and you can find yourself up for hours during the night if your child is suffering from this common cold and flu symptom. A remedy that has been used commonly and proven effective in multiple cases is through the use of hydrogen peroxide. Using a cotton ball, simply soak some hydrogen peroxide and apply a couple of drops to the ear to dislodge debris and offer relief.

Five Helpful Home Rememdies to Get a Sick Child to Sleep Through the Night

When your child gets sick, rest is crucial and by utilizing these five helpful home remedies, you take the first step in helping their little bodies get back to life as usual. Anything you can do to help them sleep through the night will give you a better chance of shortening the duration of their illness.



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4 thoughts on “Five Helpful Home Remedies to Get a Sick Child to Sleep through the Night”
  1. Great article! I agree that honey works better than over-the-counter cough medicines. Although, kids under one year old should not eat honey. My favorite honey is Manuka honey which has the most medicinal properties than any other honey. Honey is great for sore throat and cough. A spoonful of raw honey before bedtime will help with night time coughing.

  2. Kudos for your post! I will make sure to keep these things in mind when my baby gets a little bit bigger! For now, my baby’s problem is her stomach. It easily gets upset. What do you think is the best way that I can do to prevent it? Thank you for your advice!

    1. Does she have food sensitivities? I’m not a professional but I’d start with a journal of what she eats and when her tummy gets upset to see if any certain foods tend to cause trouble. Good luck!

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