Drab to Fab 5 Fabulous Home Makeover Ideas

Each year, thousands of people plan home makeovers. Unfortunately, many of these well intentioned individuals fail to turn their dream plans into reality. However, those homeowners who accomplish their tasks are awarded with a sense of achievement and satisfaction. If you’re interested in home renovation, consider the following 5 home makeovers you must see to believe. 

Dining Room Mirror

Does your home include a separate formal dining room? If you’re blessed with a formal dining room, you have many alternatives to make it shine. One simple stunning home makeover is the addition of a dining room mirror. This single addition can turn your entertainment space from drab to exquisite. For this decorative mirror, a border is absolutely necessary. For a rustic look, you could opt for a distressed piece of reclaimed wood. If you desire an upscale look, consider purchasing a mirror in a Sunburst design.

Kitchen Backsplash 

The addition of a backsplash can transform an ordinary kitchen into an extraordinary one. These days, numerous affordable options are available. Popular choices include natural stone, glass, wallpaper, and stainless steel. You can even buy a plastic adhesive backsplash that resembles mosaic tile. This adhesive strip is easy to install. Best of all, it looks like genuine tiles. If your kitchen is lackluster, a backsplash also provides a great opportunity to add a splash of color. 

Front Door

The front door of a home is often a neglected item. However, this one home furnishing can have a huge effect on the curb appeal of a house. If your front door is old, damaged, or unsightly, consider adding pizzazz to your place by buying a new one. When shopping for a front door replacement, don’t be afraid of color. If the exterior of your home is a neutral color, a red, blue, or green door might look amazing. 

Kitchen Flooring

For many families, the kitchen is the heart of the home. This room is where people gather to eat delicious meals while talking about their days. Therefore, the choice of flooring for the kitchen is important. Consider replacing your old linoleum kitchen flooring with warm hardwoods. If you’re afraid of installing real wood floors in the kitchen, consider opting for laminate or even vinyl wood colored flooring.

Tiled Shower

A current trend in home furnishings is tiled walk-in showers. People are dumping their bathtub and shower enclosures in favor of this more sleek design. A walk-in tiled shower creates a lustrous sophisticated look in almost any bathroom. In addition to their stunning appearance, tiled walk-in showers are also practical and safe to utilize. 

Remodeling a home can be an exciting and rewarding experience. If you want to make everyone on your block jealous of your home, consider one or more of the aforementioned popular home makeovers.