5 Keys to Crafting the Perfect Gift Basket

If you are searching for the perfect gift to give to a family member, a friend or even a professional colleague, you may consider the benefits of a gift basket. A gift basket can be customized to suit the recipient to perfection, and many people will love the fact that you took the time to put together such a thoughtful, personalized gift for them. After you have decided that a gift basket is the right option to give to someone special, you may consider following these five important tips.

Select the Right Basket

When you think about giving a gift basket, you may actually think about a woven basket. It is true that some gift baskets are woven baskets that have been filled with goodies, but a basket is not the only option. Any large container can be used for this purchase. For example, you can also use a shower caddy, a baking bowl, a baby doll stroller or any other container that corresponds with the other gifts that you are including. In this way, the basket itself may be part of the gift.

Find the Perfect Gifts

Then, you need to find the perfect gifts to fill your basket with. Some of these may be filler items, such as loose pieces of chocolate for a candy-themed basket or golf balls for a sports-themed basket. Others may be more specialized or high-end pieces. For example, in a baby shower gift basket, you may include a few toys or baby clothes. You may also include edible items, such as those from John Wm Macy’s tasty gifts. You can view them at the website.  Generally, you want to include at least five different gifts in a basket to add variety, but this number of items can vary based on the size of the container that you are using.

Add a Customized Message

While the gifts themselves may be thoughtful and personalized, do not overlook the importance of adding a customized message for the recipient. You can accomplish this in a number of ways. One of the more common methods is to include a greeting card or a small note card with a few handwritten words on it.

Wrap the Basket for a Finishing Touch

You also need to wrap the basket for the perfect finishing touch. In most cases, you will want to include clear or see-through plastic or fine mesh material. This is because you want the recipient to be able to clearly see all of the items that you have carefully selected without having to open the container. In many cases, the outer covering is tied with a bow. However, there is some degree of flexibility and creativity that can be taken here. Any fastening material that corresponds with the theme of the basket may be suitable. A glue gun is recommended to keep things in order.

Consider Your Delivery Options

Once your basket is ready for the recipient, you may consider your delivery options. In many cases, the basket may be hand-delivered for a personal touch. However, you may also have the basket delivered by courier for a special surprise or if the recipient is located out of town.

A gift basket can be a thoughtful gift idea. By following these ideas, you can create and deliver the perfect basket that the recipient will love.

Pinterest Gift Basket Finds

Here are a few great diy gift basket ideas found on Pinterest! Click the images to get the details!~

gifts in a jar thediymommy gift baskets


fun gift baskets


UPDATE: Please note that the link to the last set of gift basket ideas led to a pin that is no longer active. If this is your original image, PLEASE let me know so that I can update the link to your site and give you proper credit.

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