A garbage disposal is a valuable appliance in any modern kitchen. However, if it is not maintained properly, it can easily break and clog your drain. This can result in expensive plumbing repairs. Fortunately, many problems with garbage disposals can be avoided. If you take care of your garbage disposal and not put items in it that will cause damage, then it should last for a long time. Here are some great tips on what should never go down your garbage disposal:

Grease, Oil, and Fat

Never put grease, oil, or fat down your garbage disposal. Grease is not only environmentally unfriendly, it can also cause a great deal of damage to your garbage disposal. When grease cools, it solidifies, and it will so slowly accumulate in your drain, and clog it up. Grease also sticks inside the inner a portion of the garbage disposal and collects food particles.


Due to the texture of bones, they should never be placed in a garbage disposal. Garbage disposals are not strong enough to handle bones, and they will end up getting caught in the disposal. This may result in internal damage. Bones are one of the primary causes of garbage disposal jams.

Glass, Plastic, and Metal

Never put any glass, plastic or metal in your garbage disposal. Hard items in general should be avoided. The general rule that applies to kitchen disposals is if you cannot chew it, then it should not be placed in your disposal.

Egg Shells & Coffee Grounds

Avoid putting egg shells in your garbage disposal, for the eggshells will wrap itself around the shredder ring and cause damage. Coffee grounds should also be avoided because long-term use will result in buildup that will clog the garbage disposal.

Rice and Pasta

The long-term effects of placing rice and pasta in your garbage disposal is a thick paste that can clog your drain and prevent it from working. The paste can become so thick that water cannot penetrate through it.

If an object falls in the garbage disposal in error and you wish to remove it, Always Plumbing & Heating recommends that you never put your hands or fingers in the garbage disposal. An environmentally friendly way of cleaning your garbage disposal is using ice. Ice is extremely effective in breaking down grease and food particles that have built up over time. By following these tips, your garbage disposal should work properly and with very little maintenance for many years to come.


3 thoughts on “Stop! 5 Things That Should Never Go Down the Garbage Disposal

  1. Oh hey, that’s sure good to know about the list of these things to avoid throwing down the garbage disposal. For me, it sure would have been better to know because now my garbage disposal is experiencing some trouble. Part of the trouble that it’s getting is disposing the egg shells and plastic spoons that son has been throwing down there.

  2. Spot on regarding never putting rice or pasta down the garbage disposal. I’ve read that disposals can never shred pasta or rice into small enough pieces to make it pass easily through pipes. And since both rice and pasta absorb water, they tend to clump up and clog pipes.

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