Pregnancy is an exciting time in a woman’s life, but some expected mothers experience fear when having a baby for the first time. There can be a lot of pressure, and many women stress about being a good mother. On top of that, a lot of changes happen within your body, and you might worry about the health of your baby or having a safe pregnancy. No matter your concerns, there are a few tactics you can use to conquer your fears. Learn more about how you can get over your fears during your first pregnancy, and prepare for motherhood.

Confide in Friends and Family

One of the best ways to deal with the fear of pregnancy is to confide in family and friends. It’s important for couples to maintain open communication during stressful and fearful times. Expected mothers might consider talking to older females in the family who have already experienced childbirth. These experienced mothers will be able to offer advice and companionship for new expected mothers. First time mothers can also confide in friends. Spending an evening with friends is a great way for expected mothers to release the stress associated with pregnancy.

Speak With Your Doctor

Women should be very selective of the doctor they see during their pregnancy. It is important to find a doctor that understands your needs, and will listen to your concerns. Physician like Dr. Gilbert Webb will be able to give good advice and offer excellent medical treatment. Expectant mothers should share their fears with their doctor, even if they are embarrassed. Most likely, the doctor will be able to alleviate fearful emotions and answer questions that might be concerning you. The doctor might also be able to prescribe a medication to relieve the anxiety associated with pregnancy if your worries are extreme. To find the best doctor, you should do thorough internet research, and can even check sites like LinkedIn for information on doctors near you, and to see their qualifications.

Participate in Birth Classes

Participating in a birthing class is a great way to prepare for your first baby. It also gives expecting mothers the opportunity to socialize with other new mothers who have the same questions and worries about pregnancy. Women will learn important lessons on how to breathe during labor, breastfeeding, bathing, and administering first aid. They will also have the chance to ask professionals and other mothers about their concerns—getting expert advice and proper instruction during the class.

Conduct Research

One of the best ways to alleviate the fear of pregnancy is to find more information about the subject. Pregnancy is less scary for women who are well informed about the process. Expectant mothers can ask their doctor for reading material on pregnancy and the birthing process. Women can purchase reading material from a bookstore or check books out from the library to help with the education process. As mentioned before, the internet is also a great resource for learning more about pregnancy and finding resources to help calm your fears.

Pregnancy can be a scary experience for first time mothers, but there are a variety of ways to make those fears go away. By confiding in a spouse or friend, speaking frankly with your doctor, taking birthing classes, and doing your own research, you’ll soon have enough information to calm your fears about pregnancy and motherhood. Don’t spend nine months stressing about your body, your baby, or the future—use the resources around you to feel more comfortable, and make pregnancy an enjoyable experience.


PS: We’re expecting … a grand BABY! She’s due in March – it’s SO much fun planning for a baby without all the stress of being pregnant – and no morning sickness! I’m super excited to meet little Chloe!!