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My Family Vault Offers Permanent Online Photo Storage and More! 

My Family Vault is your permanent online photo storage solution that requires no annual fee, plus you can store your recipes, documents and more in your vault! Their 100 year lifetime guarantee gives you peace of mind.

  • Their one time flat fee means you don’t have to keep up with your account. Just store it and forget it. (As low as 99 cents!)
  • They’ve got you covered. Their hosting accounts are insured by one of the oldest insurance companies in the world, Lloyd’s of London.
  • You don’t ever have to pay hosting costs. A small amount of every dollar they get goes to pay for the 100 year guaranteed insurance.

Learn more about My Family Vault and why I personally love their online photo storage here. But, now, there’s more! Last week My Family Vault launched MemorySnap!


MemorySnap Makes a Great Gift! 

MemorySnap is the only photo scanning service that includes cloud storage at all and, of course, the cloud storage is good for 100 years at no additional cost.  They’re also the only ones that pay round trip postage for all photo scanning packages.  The pricing is competitive so the cloud storage is almost a freebie!  Also they do all scanning here in the US.  The only service out there that is cheaper sends the photos off to India and has an 8-10 week processing time frame.  Most MemorySnap customers will see a turnaround time of less than two weeks (plus shipping time) so they’re also the fastest out there.

With the holidays coming up, both My Family Vault and MemorySnap make amazing gifts especially for older  family members and grandparents who can be tough to shop for as they don’t need another tie or coffee mug. One customer explained how MemorySnap has impacted her family. She wrote, 

The photo scanning is really amazing as, not only does it keep photos safe from loss or damage but it creates a digital legacy that can be shared.  My parent’s photos can now belong to me, my brother and all our kids. My mom was thrilled and we don’t have to go through that painful – who gets what. (though I’m keeping all the originals..well…because I’m me!)  If  people gather the photos while everyone is still alive they can make notes and write down stories – store those in their vault and it will all be preserved for future generations.

Here are a few more reasons to check out MemorySnap-

[ezcol_1third]Save Time Scanning and uploading your photos can be very time consuming. They’ll do it for you so you can check this task off your list.
[/ezcol_1third] [ezcol_1third]Digitize and Protect Your photos are easily downloaded for printing or sharing. Your vault is guaranteed safe and accessible for 100 years, plus you’ll never have to make another payment to keep them safe.
[/ezcol_1third] [ezcol_1third_end]Get Organized Store all your photos in one place. No more albums and boxes of loose photos. No more hunting for that special memory.
Eliminate Hassle It’s super easy. Just send them your photos in the postage-paid box they will send you. They’ll scan them, upload them to your vault, and then return them to you when they are done, along with a photo disc.

My Family Vault Groupon Deal

For a limited time you can get all the photo storage for half the price! Check out My Family Vault’s current Groupon special HERE

My Family Vault Subscription Giveaway! 

I’m giving away 10 subscriptions to My Family Vault! Each winner will receive a gift code redeemable for 1 GB of storage with a 100 year guarantee! Use it for online photo storage and more!! Enter the giveaway below! 

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22 thoughts on “Introducing MemorySnap and a My Family Vault Permanent Photo Storage #Giveaway

  1. This is great because its really so hard to keep track of all these photos with all of the different devices we have! It really all needs to be in the cloud!

  2. We are forever taking pictures! Having a vault storage would be awesome because one it’s permanent and two it’s all in one place! Right now we have some pix on our computer others on our phones, some printed and others on photo sites :/ I never know where to look for a particular photo!

  3. I’ve got a challenge now in that the photo service I use has decided to resize photos once they’re stored. That puts me in a dilemma, and def. makes me want to look for a change. Thanks for sharing this way!

  4. This would be awesome for our family! We take so many pictures & need a place to keep them stored safely!

  5. I’d love to win this b/c I am the family “historian” ha..and I have TONS and TONS of pics to save!!! this would be amazing!

    Thank you for the chance to win!

    Joey J.

  6. My family would benefit because we would have one place to store all our photos. If our computer dies or needs to be wiped because of a virus, we will not have to worry about losing our treasured photos because they will be stored online for us to print later.

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