Washing dishes probably isn’t something you do for fun. For most people, it’s a task we dread and try to get out of the way as quickly as possible. At the same time, no one likes spotty, greasy or stained dishes. It’s never a good feeling to reach for a dish that’s supposed to be clean and find that it still has spots or food scraps stuck to it. To prevent this from happening, here are six secrets to ensuring that your dishes come out clean and spotless.

1. Wipe All Food from Dishes After Eating

As soon as people are done eating, all food scraps should be immediately thrown out. Allowing food to remain on dishes in the sink until someone gets around to washing them will make the task much harder.

2. Soak Dishes That Are Very Dirty 

Any dishes, as well as pots and pans that are extremely dirty should be allowed to soak before you even attempt to wash them. Place some dish cleaning liquid or detergent on these dishes along with some hot water. Baking soda also works well. For really tough stains, let them soak overnight.

3. Use Quality Sponges and Brushes

If you are washing your dishes with paper-thin sponges you bought at the dollar store, you are probably not going to end up with stain free dishes. You don’t have to spend a lot on sponges and brushes, but you should invest in a few name brand, non-scratching sponges. You should also have at least one sponge with a scrubber on one side.

4. Use Very Hot Water and Make Sure it’s Soft

According to water softener specialists in Utah, the hotter and softer the water, the cleaner your dishes will come out. This is a simple but very crucial step for ending up with spotless dishes. You should wear protective gloves when washing dishes, which will prevent your hands from getting scalded by the hot water.

5. Learn the Order of Operations

There is a logical order of operations for washing dishes, just as there is in math. In general, you want to start with the easiest items and leave the toughest and greasiest for last. This usually means starting with glasses and then moving on to cutlery. After that, do your plates and bowls and finally pots and pans.

6. Let Dishes Dry Off in a Dish Rack

After washing dishes, you should place them on a dish rack. You should have one that’s the right size for your needs and has places for dishes, glasses and cutlery. This gives the dishes a place to dry off before you put them away.

spotless dishes

With the holidays coming right up spotless dishes are a great thing! Speaking of which, I’m curious – do you break out the fine china (no pun intended there – do not break your china!) or do you serve holiday meals on disposable plates?

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