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Be the Healthy Habit Hero Your Family Needs

Sometimes being the Healthy Habit Hero means our kids think we are the villain! But, as moms we know what is best for our kids. We try to lead by example and encourage our children to make healthy choices. They may not appreciate some of the ways we encourage them, and occasionally they’ll downright balk at our suggestions. That’s why finding products that are not only healthy, but fun and/or at least more appealing to them is so important! 

For example, my youngest is a brusher. He had to have two metal caps and he’s not impressed. So he brushes like a banshee. His flossing skills are borderline okay. But, mouthwash? Eh, it tastes gross! Then, LISTERINE Smart Rinse happened. What 8 year old boy can pass up a gargling game when the Avengers are involved? Not mine! 


Being a healthy habit hero for me means finding ways to meet in the middle without compromising my kids’ overall health. This is true with oral health, food choices, family activities and other lifestyle choices. The only place I draw the line consistently without compromise is if there is a safety issue. Then, I really may turn into a villain! 

To help make sure my kids are willing to floss, for example, I find that offering a choice of products and those that make the job easier a better way to encourage my kids to floss, then by simply handing them some string and telling them to get to it! Lucky for me the LISTERINE Floss varieties are plentiful, and they really do make my kids feel like they’ve got some choice in the matter. I also try to let them pick out their choice of toothpaste flavors and healthy snacks.

Offering choices whenever possible is key to being a Healthy Habit Hero my family needs !

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These are just a few of our family’s LISTERINE Heroic Habits. LISTERINE has a really fun YouTube channel that features other LISTERINE Heroic Habits as well as Heroic How-Tos. Check it out here

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How are you a Healthy Habit Hero in your home?