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Name Brand Kids Clothes at Kindermint

So, I’ve recently discovered Kindermint. Now that I’ve got a grand baby on the way (read – LOTS of shopping to do), I’ve been looking out for some great deals on name brand kids clothes. I am pretty sure I just found the jackpot in Kindermint – where you can get a Kid’s Wardrobe -For the price of an Outfit!

Kindermint carries over 650 brands, including Gymboree, GAP, Janie & Jack, Oilily, Juicy Couture, Ralph Lauren, and many more. With the holidays coming right up, adding in the cost of full priced name brand kids clothes is tough – why not check out the cute holiday outfits available on Kindermint below and on their site?

Not convinced? Here are a few more reasons to check out Kindermint –

  • Kindermint offers name brand clothes up to 90% off retail price
  • Turn the out-grown clothing in your kids’ closet into ca$h
  • Take advantage of a HUGE children’s consignment opportunity without ever leaving home
  • Moms can buy with confidence because they know it’s Top Brands only, in near perfect condition.
  • Kindermint always has a huge inventory with over 14,000+ products.
  • The site has great navigation, easy for shoppers.

Kindermint: Clean out your kids closet and get paid for it

Make Money With Kindermint

Did you catch that in the list above? No? Here it is again – Turn the out-grown clothing in your kids’ closet into ca$h. Click here to learn more about the Trade-In program and how to get your free Mint pack!

If there is one thing I know for sure, it’s that kids grow fast. Super fast and at almost lightening speed right after you stock their wardrobe, right? Nothing like a little growth-spurt right after you’ve just stocked up on the necessities for the new season. That seems to have happened to me every school year with Back-to-School shopping with all of my kids!

Once you get the Mint pack, fill it up and send it back. Upon receipt of your Mint Pack, Kindermint will appraise your clothing and issue a credit which you can use on or withdraw by check or a PayPal deposit. 

Kindermint has partnered with Habitat for Humanity! If any of your items do not meet Kindermint’s Quality Standards they will donate them on your behalf to help other families in need. Now you can make money and be charitable too!

Kindermint: Big Brands Little Prices

Kindermint Deals and Coupons

Flat rate shipping at $6.95 for any size purchase at! No Code Required

Save 5% off any size order, using coupon code KM5OFF at

Featured Kindermint Products

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23 thoughts on “Name Brand Kids Clothes as Low as $1.99 Plus Clean Out Your Kids’ Closets and Get Paid #Kindermint

  1. How awesome is this? A lot of money on my kids clothes because they always seem to destroy them!

  2. I need to check this out! I have 3 kids who won’t stop growing. We’re done with summer clothes and now my two youngest don’t have anything for cold weather! The oldest keeps getting taller, so pants are getting shorter. Clothes shopping for kids is fun, but expensive!

  3. This is a perfect solution for us to buy new clothes for a bargain and also get rid of the old ones with their Trade-In program. We usually have a yard sale for the kids outgrown clothes but it’s so time consuming.

  4. I do love a bargain. I need to check this out, I have 3 young grandchildren who can always use clothing. Getting it at a great price makes it nice for me.

  5. Now this is an idea that needed to be born! I use TWICE Clothing for my stuff, it’s also second hand but name brand, very similar to this but they don’t have kidoo clothes. This is a great idea!!!!

  6. Kids clothes can be so expensive. I always liked saving money on them because I knew my kids were just going to tear them up!

  7. This just seems like a win-win situation. I don’t see any down side to this. It is great to get big discounts and cash back for your clothing you can’t use anymore.

  8. I have never heard of Kindermint. I will have to check them out to see if they have kiddos size. I like ThredUp but their selection is limited in her size.

  9. That’s a really cool deal! My kids outgrew their clothes so fast so we usually had a few friends that we would hand stuff down to (and others that handed down to us).

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