Get Your Kids to Brush

Get Your Kids to Brush

Convincing your kids to brush their teeth may seem like an impossible task at times. Either they’re rushing through, barely getting the job done, or they’re skipping it altogether. However, with a little thought and creativity, you can get your little ones excited about brushing. Try using some of these tricks to help get your kids into a healthy dental routine.

1. Buy them a special toothbrush or let them pick their own.

Getting the right equipment is the first step in getting a job done right. Let your children pick their own toothbrush or buy them something that you know they’ll be excited about using. Whether it’s a brush that lights up, vibrates or boasts their favorite character, they’ll be more likely to want to brush if they like what they’re using.

2. Make it a game and time it.

Buy a portable kitchen timer or use a small one-minute sand timer to make the process like a game. Set the tone by treating it like a real race. Let your kids know that they aren’t “done” with the race until the buzzer rings or all the sand has run out. Feel free to cheer when they’ve completed the task, just like at a real race.

3. Chart their success.

Use a daily chart to record their tooth brushing efforts. Make it a part of your nighttime and morning checklist, or create something special just for tooth brushing. Use stickers or markers to track their daily progress. Or, if you have a large enough mirror at the sink, use dry erase markers to keep track right on the mirror. The kids will have fun writing on the mirror and it’s easy to erase to start new each week.

4. Find an app for that.

If you’re a family that loves using technology, check out apps that you can use on several different smart devices. Bring your phone or tablet into the bathroom and start up your child’s favorite tooth brushing app. Kids will get a kick out of choosing fun and different apps to get them brushing well.

5. Brush to the beat of your favorite music.

Blast your children’s favorite song for the duration of their brushing routine. This will help ensure that they’re spending enough time getting to all their teeth. If you have any questions about proper techniques, especially for young children, consult dental professionals like those at Midtown Dental Centre

6. Do it together.

When it comes to getting your kids to brush their teeth, nothing will help more than setting a good example yourself. Turn this chore into a special time between you and your child. You’ll be making good memories and fostering positive habits. Plus, kids just love spending time with mom, dad or any family member.

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Creating a habit of good dental hygiene is an important aspect of any person’s life. Be sure to start early with your kids so their habits are already in place as they get older. If you’re having a little trouble, using some of these tricks should make the process fun for everyone.