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Hot and Sweet with Texas Pete


You probably already know that Texas Pete Hot Sauce is a great condiment, perfect for adding spice and flavor to hot dogs, fires, pizza, soups and sandwiches. But, did you know that it also works well as an ingredient in a variety of dishes from ribs to barbecue red velvet icing?!


Yes, you read that right my friends! Let me say it again – add Texas Pete to your red velvet icing! Really! It’s a secret ingredient you can use to make your disghes more memorable, something worth passing down.


You’ll find the recie for Texas Pete Red Velvet Cones below. You can also find plenty more Texas Pete Hot Sauce recipes available online so don’t forget to find Texas Pete Hot Sauce at a store near you! 


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Texas Pete® Red Velvet Cones Recipe

YIELD: 48 cake cones

PORTION: 1 cake cone




*** ***Cake Batter

5 cups All purpose flour

3 cups Granulated sugar

1 Tbsp Baking soda

2 tsp Salt, fine

2 tsp Cocoa powder

3 cups Vegetable oil

2 cups Buttermilk: room temperature

4 Large eggs: room temperature

3 Tbsp Red food coloring

2 Tbsp Texas Pete® Original Hot Sauce

2 tsp Vanilla Extract

48 Ice cream cones, small, flat bottomed


*** ***Cream cheese Icing

36 oz. Cream cheese: softened, whipped

1 stick Unsalted butter: softened, whipped

2 cups Powdered sugar

1/2 tsp Vanilla extract

2 tsp Texas Pete® Hotter Hot Sauce

Piping bag with small decorative tip

Shaker, Powdered sugar, for garnish.



1.      Preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

2.      In a large bowl, sift together the flour, sugar, baking soda, salt and cocoa powder. In another large bowl, whisk together the oil, buttermilk, eggs, food coloring, Texas Pete® Hot Sauce and vanilla.

3.      Using a standing mixer, mix the dry ingredients into the wet ingredients until just combined and a smooth batter is formed.

4.      Carefully spoon the batter into the ice cream cones filling them 2/3 of the way up to give them room for rising in the oven.  Arrange the cones on a parchment-lined sheet tray standing up and place them into the oven to bake at 350 degrees for approximately 15-20 minutes or until they have fully risen and a tooth pick inserted into the center of the cake comes out clean.

5.      Remove the cakes from the oven and let cool completely.

6.      While the cakes are in the oven, prepare the spicy cream cheese frosting.

7.      Place the softened cream cheese and the softened butter into a medium size mixing bowl and whisk together until smooth.  Add the powdered sugar and continue to whisk until the mixture is smooth.  Add the vanilla extract and the Texas Pete® Hotter Hot Sauce and whisk one more minute. You may add more powdered sugar or Texas Pete® Hotter Hot Sauce so that the icing is to your liking.

8.      Place the spicy cream cheese frosting into a piping bag with a small decorative tip.

9.      Using the tip of the piping bag, carefully puncture a small hole into the center of the top of the red velvet cake and pipe approximately 2-3 tablespoons of the spice cream cheese into the center of the cake allowing some of the cream cheese to come out of the top for decoration.  Continue until all the red velvet cake cones are filled.  Use any extra cream cheese icing to frost the tops of the cones.

10.   Sprinkle with powdered sugar and serve.

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  1. This sounds really interesting! I would be skeptical, but I regularly drink hot chocolate with cayenne and cinnamon in it.

  2. I got really confused at this until I started reading. I saw cupcakes and then saw Texas Pete and was like… I thought Texas Pete was hot sauce! Awesome… I will have to make this for my boys.

  3. Oh those look so yummy!!! I’ve seen so many people make cupcakes in cones but I have never personally tried it! I am going to try this! Thanks for posting!

  4. Looks very interesting! At first thought it didn’t sound like something I like, but after reading through the recipe, I may just love it.

  5. That is a really cool idea. My boys would love eating cake out of a cone.

  6. Say what?!! I had no idea. Wow, I am really shocked. I will have to try this out myself. My husband loves Red Velvet, but I’ve never made it. Until recently I didn’t even know it was a chocolate cake. lol

  7. Now this sounds like my kind of recipe! I’ll have to try these out soon since my mouth is watering like crazy now. Thanks for sharing!

  8. This sounds like something I would love. I love a little spicy in everything I eat! I will have to make these and see if my boys notice the little kick!

  9. These look so amazing and i love your photography! Red velevet cake is one of my biggest weaknesses. Drooool. Though i’m tempted to plop some ice cream on top lol

  10. What a yummy treat idea. Thanks for sharing, I will have to have my daughter look at this, she loves new recipe ideas for her baking addiction!

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