Family strife can come in many forms, but the wonderful thing is that so can family bonding! The old saying goes that the family that plays together stays together, and it has been proven time after time that time spent actively enjoying each other’s company can reduce the chances of things like fights between siblings and even divorce. Donald B Phelps Law is one of the family lawyers in Vancouver and would a great source to inquire about all the different causes of divorce. You’re sure to run into things like infidelity, money, communication etc…, but you might also hear about something like the lack of family bonding and togetherness. Check out these four things that you can do to bring you closer to your family!

Volunteer Together

Sometimes, the best way to help yourself is to help others. Talk with your family about a cause that you can all agree on, and make a commitment to help out with that cause. That might mean volunteering at a soup kitchen, an animal shelter or a homeless shelter, depending on what your family believes in. This teaches your children to reach out, and it also shows them that even a little bit of effort can allow them to make a difference.

Practice Martial Arts Together

A healthy body and a healthy mind is a great pairing, so why not all consider taking a martial art together? There are plenty of schools that offer classes for adults and children at the same time. Practicing martial arts allows your child to be more confident and more self-assured in the way they deal with the world. Working together on a martial art allows you to see each other as individuals who are all striving towards a goal.

Work On an Art Project Together

Whether you all love to draw, to sculpt or to create found art, why not designate a certain night as art night? Art is something that can be adapted to a wide variety of expertise, and it can help you and your children exercise the creative parts of your mind. You could spend each week learning about a new medium, or you could even all work on a mural or a statue together.

Explore the City

If you live in a large city, why not take time out of your week to explore it with your family? Walk around the downtown area, stop at a park that you have never been to before, or even try a new type of cuisine. This is something that can make a huge difference to your children’s understanding of where they live and what life is like, and it can help you explain the world to them in many ways.

How are you choosing to bond with your family? A little bit of effort goes a long way towards helping soothe your family’s rough spots and strengthen the strong ones.