Migis Lodge

Migis Lodge on Sebago Lake

We’re just back from three glorious days of peace, fun and indulgences at the Migis Lodge on Sebago Lake in the beautiful state of Maine. We had the best time and our only regret was that we didn’t stay longer!

Migis Lodge is the perfect mix of a summer camp and a luxury resort. The overall atmosphere is relaxed, peaceful and generally laid back, but the service is top notch. 

From the moment you arrive you are treated like family, both guests and staff alike greet and smile, all excited to share with you one Migis experience or another. Most of those experiences will involve a lake tale from swimming to kayaking to sailing, ski boating, or just lounging lake side with a book in hand. 

Migis Lodge Private Island

We arrived just before lunch, ahead of the 3pm check-in time. That certainly didn’t matter to us, nor to the staff at the Migis Lodge. We were invited on-board the Tykona II – a 1947 wooden Chris-Craft lake cruiser which whisked us off to Migis’ own private island. As the island dock came into view the air was filled with the scent of a delicious meal heating up on the grills. 

We explored the island a bit before grabbing our silver trays and making our way through the garden of potential gluttony. There is no shortage of food at Migis and you’ll never leave a meal wanting for more. From burgers to filet mignon, chicken and hot dogs, to at least three types of salads, corn on the cob and the most delicious onions you’ll ever taste to enough cookies, novelty ice creams and watermelon to feed a small army, there is something for everyone. This is not your average lunch buffet – and you’re hard pressed to find a catered barbecue done as nicely as Migis does it. 

Aside from the food, the private island is a wonderful place for swimming and just enjoying the splashes of water along the rocks. Guest are welcome to visit the island privately via one of the many boats available for use. Migis Lodge kitchen staff will even prepare a box lunch for you take with you on the days where island cookouts aren’t offered. 

The Cottages at Migis Lodge

Once we finished our lunch on the private island we hopped onto one of the ski boats for a great ride back to the mainland. We took some time to just look around and take it all in. Migis sits on 125 acres of large, beautiful pine trees and has 3,500 feet of shoreline on Maine’s second largest lake, Sebago Lake. (Sebago is an Abenaki word for “big water.”) There are 35 cottages at Migis in addition to the Main Lodge.

We checked in and were assigned to our cottage – South Wind. Our “cabin boy” met us at our car with a luggage cart, loaded it all up and showed us to our cottage. Once there he brought in our luggage and gave us a quick run down of both the cottage and the property. He explained that our fireplace was ready to go with the strike of a match and that he would be returning daily to refill our wood pile and ice bucket. The cottage also has full maid service daily. This service goes beyond bed making and swapping out towels, with seemingly every corner swept, dusted and window washed each day. 

The cottage itself was absolutely breathtaking – especially once you absorb the sheer awesome that was the master bedroom. From the gorgeous handmade quilt on the most comfortable king bed to the master bath to the private balcony with double doors you wonder for a moment if anything outside is compelling enough to leave that room (plenty is, though). 

South Wind includes a living room with fireplace, desk and fridge as well as a bathroom with a shower and one bedroom downstairs. The downstairs bedroom also has its own small private balcony with two twins. Upstairs you’ll find a second bedroom with a queen bed in addition to the beautiful master bedroom. All of the beds are comfortable and adorned with handmade quilts. The cottage is decorated tastefully, in a way that is rustic but not backwoods camp, with all of the luxuries one might expect and a few more.

We found a great selection of books on the mantle above the fireplace as well as in a cute book nook in the smaller bedroom upstairs which also included an iron and ironing board. Every bedroom had a closet and at least one dresser, the master bath had a double sink and full bath. Each room also has a ceiling fan and box fans. While the main dining room and Boulders are air conditioned, the cottages are not. We were there on some hot days but the evening temps are cooler, and with the breeze coming off the lake through the open windows and screen patio doors, there was no need at all for air conditioning. There are hair dryers in each bathroom as well as shampoo, conditioner and shower gel in pretty dispensers in the shower. The towels are large, fluffy and plentiful. 

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Children’s Programs at Migis Lodge

Migis Lodge really emphasizes the family experience. They want to make sure everyone has a great time no matter the age. They also give parents an opportunity for some quiet, kid free time while kids enjoy arts and crafts, games and making new friends. Migis offers Kid’s Camp, Adventure Camp and the evening Zoo program. 

During adventure camp my two littles enjoyed a boat ride to a candy store, pottery making, flag tag, supervised swimming activities, tennis and more. They loved the certified babysitters and had such a great time hanging out with the other kids. The kids also participated in the Zoo program where they were able to dine with other kids and then went off for some adventures of their own. The hubs and I enjoyed wine and cheese on the porch of the main lodge then went in to the dining room for an incredible five course meal. We dined together with the kids for all of the rest of our meals. 

After dinner we met at Boulders, the main recreation room that offers the children’s activities in addition to a pool and ping pong table. This was also the location of family Bingo. Because families typically return to Migis Lodge year after year, there was plenty of chatter around the tables at dinner about the evening’s upcoming Bingo game. Apparently it’s pretty serious business! Of course, among the many prizes to be won including lava lamps, puzzles and Migis Lodge tshirts was the lucrative all mighty cash prize. The prize varies depending on the number of cards sold. There was a charge of $2 per Bingo card and you could buy as many, or as few as you wanted to play. 

Dining at Migis Lodge

Speaking of dining and five course meals – Migis Lodge is an all-inclusive resort. All of your meals are included in the cost of your stay. As I mentioned earlier, there are the private island lunch cookouts available on Wednesdays and Saturdays. There is also usually a cookout at Cookout Point on property during lunch the rest of the week, or guests may opt for lunch in the dining room instead.

Breakfast always includes an option or two from the kitchen like the Migis Eggs Benedict my husband enjoyed, as well as a traditional breakfast buffet with pancakes, bacon, hot and cold cereals, sausage, homefries and eggs or omelets made to order. Since I’m low carbing I especially loved the omelet station where you write your name on an eco friendly bowl along with your choice of cheese and then fill the bowl with exactly what you’d like in your three egg omelet. The omelet fillings were quite plentiful and varied as well.

Your servers are extremely helpful and ready to fill and refill your coffee mugs. They will also check in with you to see what your lunch plans are so that they can either count you in for the cookout or pack your box lunch which includes your choice of sandwich and/or a chef salad, cookies, chips, a pickle and your choice of beverage. The hubs had to miss lunch on our second day there so he was sent off with a great box lunch and the whole family experienced the box lunch on the day of our departure aboard a private ski boat rental in the middle of Sebago Lake.

Dinner always starts with a cocktail hour. Your five course meal begins with an appetizer of sorts. I had the fresh mozzarella the first night and it was delicious. The second course is a choice between a hot or cold soup. I enjoyed an Amaretto Chicken Soup while the hubs enjoyed a chilled banana berry soup. There are at least two salads to choose from. You may then pick your main entree from the kitchen or from the carving station where you’ll choose from a roasted meat or the traditional Maine lobster. Your entree also includes a vegetable and potato side. The final course, dessert, was offered buffet style the first night and by order on the second night. You may choose to enjoy your desert in the dining room or, as we did, ask to have it boxed up to take back to your cabin for later. 

The food at Migis Lodge is plentiful and there is truly something available for all tastes from the children’s menu to dietary restrictions the kitchen staff can easily accommodate. My teenage daughter whom has special needs, anxiety and is on the Autism spectrum was having difficulty keeping her cool at dinner. We were dining with some other press trip guests and it was a little too much for her. She was trying to give us her best behavior but it was especially challenging since she was very tired and overstimulated. By the time she had finished her appetizer she asked to go back to the cabin for some iPad time. I asked the waitress if she could get her entree boxed up and they fixed her a beautiful platter to take back to the cabin. They are very, very helpful and accommodating at Migis! 

dining at migis lodge

Things to Do at Migis Lodge

Relax. Or, not. It’s really up to you! Enjoy a swim in the lake, or a lake cruise, fishing, play horsehoes or tennis, go for a walk or short hike, play some shuffleboard, swim, pool, or challenge your kids to ping pong. There are plenty of boats available to use – just get in and go, no hassle, no sign ups. These include sail boats, row boats, canoes and kayaks as well as standing paddle boards. You’ll easily find these on the beaches or at one of the boat hubs. You can also rent a motorboat from a small fishing boat to a giant pontoon boat, they do charge for these rentals. 

Migis Lodge offers waterskiing every morning for more advanced skiiers and also has wake boarding and waterskiing at 10am and 2pm every day, including for beginners with really friendly, patient, experienced instructors! This is a great way to try out the sport! 

migis activities

Every evening there is some sort of activity such as the Bingo we played or a bonfire complete with everything you need to make s’mores, karaoke and more. You can also choose some quiet activities like sitting by the fire in your cottage or in the lodge, playing board games, reading or even napping on your private balcony. We did a little of everything but it turns out that we all love kayaking, something we hadn’t ever really done before, and kept going back to it. 

Learn More About Migis Lodge

Visit Migis Lodge on the web, Facebook, their blog, on Twitter and on Pinterest. To view more photos from our trip check out my Migis Lodge album here. And, definitely consider booking your next family getaway there. We really had the time of our lives at Migis Lodge! I can bet you would too! 

Sunset at Migis Lodge

Disclosure: I was provided a complimentary stay at Migis Lodge. All opinions expressed here are my own and 100% honest. 

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