Bay Window

Make the Most of Your Bay Window

Bay windows are beautiful and elegant, but they can be tricky when it comes to window coverings. You may be wondering how to reclaim your privacy while working around the angles. Here are eight ways to overcome the challenge and spruce up your bay window.

1.      Less is More

One of the best options for a bay window covering is to mask each individual window with a simple wood blind or Roman shade. Keeping the base of the window open to the room helps make a small area feel larger. It’s an ideal solution when you want a simple way to protect your privacy and control the sun. Custom wood Venetian blinds can be made to fit your windows, and Roman shades are an excellent choice if you want a softer look.

2.      All or Nothing

Another option is to hang the curtains on the flat wall above the window. This is an all or nothing approach that closes off the window from the home interior when the curtains are closed. However, the drapes or curtains give the window a lovely layered look when they’re opened up. If you want to make this more impressive, then go with a rich tapestry or jacquard fabric that will add texture and color to the room.

3.      Special Hardware

Does your bay window go from the ceiling to the floor? If so, then you may want to invest in special hardware designed especially for curved walls. You may have to custom order the rod, but you can then hang the perfect curtains in the window. The nice thing about investing in custom hardware is that you can then change out your fabric curtains at any time.

4.      Individual and Combined

The bay window is made up of three separate windows that merge into one. Play up this unique feature by putting a fabric shade on each window. Use four hanging curtains so that you’ll have an elegant drape of fabric in between each window and on the outside edges. Even if you never close the curtains, you’ll still create a magnificent look.

5.      The Gentle Angle

Spread six curtain panels across your custom hardware. Make sure that there are no gaps in the top. Allow the curtains to drape down about two-thirds of the window length before tying them back with coordinating tassels or tie-backs. The two curtains on the ends will hang as singles. The remaining panels will be divided and tied back along the walls between window panes. You’ll wind up with four cascading curtains that make your bay window look even more impressive.

6.      Go Old School

Shutters are one of the most traditional choices for any window, and you can install shutters on your angled bays. You may be worried that the shutters will hit each other when you open them, but this is easily avoided by choosing shutters with fully adjustable louvers. Letting the sun or a breeze in will be as simple as adjusting the louvers.

7.      Open Look and Soft Silk

Pull more attention to your magnificent bay windows by leaving them open. Mount silk drapes on the sides and in between the windows. Attach them near the ceiling with decorative knobs and allow the fabric to pool on the floor. Put honeycomb shades inside the window frames if you still want some privacy.

8.      Custom Valance

Order a custom valance for your window. Have the fabric gather more on the wall sections, and allow it to drape down slightly on the ends. You can then tuck roller shades or other blinds behind the valances. They’ll be hidden neatly out of sight during the day, but you can easily lower them at night.

You’ll never grow tired of your bay window, but finding the right treatment can be challenging. Use these ideas for inspiration in your own home. You can update the look of your window by changing out the fabric for your curtains, and you can make the bay look more impressive by choosing the right finishing touches.