summer fun

When schools out for the summer it can be difficult to get your kids outside and away from the TV. This is a slower, low-key, part of the year. If you are looking to spend some of that time with your family, here are a few ideas of things you can do together.

1        Poolside

Most cities have some type of community pool. You might have to pay a small fee to enter the area, but once inside, you can usually stay all day. Some places have snacks and drinks, but consider taking a picnic lunch. Kids can entertain themselves all day at a rec center pool.

2        A Mountain View

Whether it’s hiking or riding a four wheeler, you can explore nature in the mountains. Do some research on trails that are good for children before leaving home. This trip can also be a learning experience as you teach your children about trees and animals that they might not see every day.

3        Camping

One of the more affordable ideas, camping is something you can do almost anywhere. You can go to a campground that has activities for the family, or you can find a place in the woods so that you are one with nature. If you don’t plan on going camping often, ask your friends for the gear you need so that you don’t have to buy supplies. Since camping takes a lot of supplies, you can rent a utility trailer to help carry it all.

4        Family Visits

Take the time to visit family that you might not see during the year. This could be grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins who you talk to but don’t have the physical contact with. Take plenty of pictures so that all of you can remember the trip.

5        Beach Days

A beach trip is something that can provide a large amount of time spent together. You can play in the sand, swim in the ocean or walk along a pier. There are numerous attractions and restaurants in beach cities. Look for coupons and special offers at hotels to save money.


The most important thing about summer is to spend time together. Kids are in school and you are busy with work or household chores the rest of the year, so take some time to do something fun. Include friends in the activities to get group discounts. Look for places that you haven’t been to so that you can see somewhere new to make memories.