Whether this is your first baby, or an addition to your beautiful family, announcing a pregnancy is an exciting event. Many couples can’t wait to blurt out the news, and creating a unique announcement is a fun way to let your friends and family in on the big secret. Depending on your style, there are so many creative ways to announce that you are pregnant whether you post it on Facebook, send out a mass text, or mail an actual announcement out. If you’re looking for a fun way to tell everyone the wonderful news, read on for a few ideas.

Itty Bitty Baby Shoes

Itty Bitty Baby Shoes

One of the most adorable announcements is also the easiest. Buy a tiny pair of newborn shoes. If you know your baby’s gender, have fun choosing a pair of gender-specific shoes; otherwise, select a neutral pair. Choose a location to set up the shoes so they can be seen. Some great locations to use are your front porch, a set of steps, a green lawn, or the beach. If it is just you and the baby’s father, place baby’s shoes in the middle of the two pairs of adult shoes. Fun phrases to include with this announcement are, “Our family is growing by 2 feet,” or you can write your due date somewhere on the shoes if you choose.

Big sibling announcement


If you already have children, a popular way to announce another baby on the way is to photograph your children wearing shirts or holding signs that indicate they will be “promoted” to big brother or big sister and then including the baby’s due date. If this is your first, you can let friends and family that you are being promoted to Mommy and Daddy—some couples even like to dress up in business wear to simulate the idea that they are actually being “promoted.”

bun in the oven

Bun in the Oven

If you like to bake, you can always opt for the “bun in the oven” approach. You can put an apron on and show off your baby bump (if you have one yet) and use the theme of having one in the oven as a base for your announcement. Along with announcing you have a bun in the oven, you can announce your due date by adding, “bake for 9 months, take out 6-12-14.”

bump ahead

It’s a Sign

Some couples have used creative signs to announce their pregnancy by photographing themselves holding big yellow signs that say “baby on board” or “bump ahead.” This can make for a fun photo shoot in the street outside your home or another location with a nice setting if you can find a sign with the words “bump ahead.” You can make your own signs or obtain more authentic signs from party or toy stores.

eating for two

Eating For Two

Another fun way to announce your pregnancy is to display the cravings to come later in your pregnancy—some women like to announce, “Now eating for two,” accompanied by a photo of them surrounded by strange combinations of foods that only a pregnant woman would eat. A common combination is pickles and ice cream—kind of a cliché, but people will get the message. If your baby bump isn’t quite showing yet, this is a fun way to announce the pregnancy in the early stages.

If you are inclined, write down some of the reactions you receive when you send out your announcements, and add them to your baby book or pregnancy journal. Above all, enjoy creating wonderful memories and sharing your beautiful pregnancy with your family and friends. Get creative and make surprising your loved ones even more fun when you announce you are pregnant. 

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Do you have any other ideas on how to announce you are pregnant in a cute and funny way?  

 PS: In case you are wondering, no, this isn’t a subliminal announcement on my part. See why that won’t ever happen again here