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3 Bathroom Renovation Looks That Will Add Exciting Change!

Want your bathroom to shine with character and class? Have you had enough of that same old look going on in your bathroom, year after year? It’s time for some cost-effective renovations! Now, you can remodel your bathroom in a lot of different ways. Something as simple as changing the facet or shower head can even make a marked change. But some remodeling ideas are better than others; they have a more noticeable, sophisticated way of bringing out the best in your outdated bathroom. Here are 3 hot trending bathroom looks that will make your lav absolutely fab!

 1. Paint your vanity and counter tops.

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Yep – it is simple, cheap and fast to make a big difference in your bathroom by simply applying a new paint scheme to the counter tops. When vanity and counter tops get old, they get scratched. Some get burn marks. They get grimy and aged – and they take away from your bathroom’s bliss. So paint them. Give them a good scrubbing down first, let them dry thoroughly – and then paint them up! Choose a color scheme that adds quality and appeal. Or maybe, if it is a child’s room, try something bright and vivid. Whatever you choose, it’s going to make a huge difference in the room, and not cost much at all. If you feel like it, paint the floor too! 

2. Add sophistication and elegance with Melange ceramic tile, turquoise and charcoal.

Some things are just extra stylish and effective, and this turquoise/charcoal ceramic tile design is on top of the list. This modern color combo from Southern Cross is part of the Artisan series that combines encaustic cement aesthetics with durable low porosity to create lasting durability for your walls and floors. Southern Cross has an entire line of inspiring color palettes to select from, but this turquoise & charcoal can’t be beat in my book! This gorgeous tile comes to you presealed, ready to install – and of course, visually stunning. 

3. Install a new wooden bathtub.

Wooden bathtubs add rustic charm and elegance to your bathroom. They are available today in various styles, shapes and sizes – and with loads of available features like water jets, lighting configurations and sound systems, all built in. Consider my favorite: extra-long whiskey barrel designs, handcrafted from warm, durable cedar and cypress. And if you prefer, they are available with fully acrylic interiors too.You see, renovating your bathroom doesn’t always have to be expensive. You can do small things (like painting your vanity top), or larger scale projects (like installing long-lasting ceramic). Either way, you’re going to be taking steps toward enhancing the beauty, and the value of your home. Take it in steps if it’s too much to budget all at once. In short time, you can transfer your tired old bathroom into one of the most striking rooms in your home.



7 thoughts on “Bathroom Renovation | 3 Hot New Looks To Make Your Bathroom Fabulous!

  1. Thanks for these tips. We’re getting ready to do some work on our master bathroom – interesting suggestions! Happy SITS day!

  2. Congrats on your SITS day!
    I love all these tips.
    I have yet to make a bathroom article but I guess it is on schedule now – maybe for our next issue of our online home decor magazine.

    Keep in Touch(ed),

  3. I love these ideas! I love the tile, so pretty and so simple! I get bored easily and love to switch things up. 🙂

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE the red sink in the bathroom; what a beautiful splash of color and a pop of modern 🙂 Stopping by from SITS and hope you had the best SITS day ever! You have such a beautiful and creative blog here–wishing you continued success with all you do!

  5. Hey !

    I have never seen such an amazing renovation .I fell in love with the red sink .It is looking so amazing.Actually it goes well with the light shade walls and red coloured sink is spreading its beauty all over the bathroom.

    I am surely gonna use this sink in my bathroom renovation.Not only this ,the other elements that you have displayed here are also looking beautiful and appealing as well.

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful ever renovation pics!


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