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The Haygoods Are a Must See Show

If there’s one thing I’m sure of, there is no shortage of talent in Branson, Missouri. Especially when it comes to large families full of extremely talented individuals. To be completely honest, of all the shows we saw in Branson, I’m most excited to tell you about The Haygoods. They blew me away! See why!

The Haygoods are fun, energetic and extremely entertaining! Every song they covered was one that I already loved – and they add their own unique flair to every piece they do. We were really lucky to experience a few brand new numbers on the night we attended – including Catherine Haygoods amazing harp playing! Talk about breathtaking!

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We purchased a DVD of the show and were lucky enough to have a moment to meet and speak with each of the Haygoods – and get our photo and DVD case autographed! They were all so sweet and fun to chat with!

Since we’ve been home we’ve watched the DVD a few times with the kids and they’ve been playing it in the DVD player in the truck. I enjoy that because I love the music and it works like a soundtrack for me while I’m driving and off-pitchedly singing along. Plus, we were caught on Kiss Cam and the kids get a kick out of seeing us on the screen every time! 

Get to Know The Haygoods

  • Timothy — Age 36, Mandolin, Acoustic Guitar, Violin, Vocals
  • Patrick — Age 33, Piano, Drums, Vocals
  • Dominic — Age 31, Sax, Violin, Vocals
  • Michael — Age 28, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Violin, Vocals
  • Matthew – Age 26, Bass, Vocals
  • Catherine — Age 22, Harp, Violin, Sax, Piano, Vocals
  • Quick Facts: 
  • 5 brothers 1 sister.
  • 21 plus years playing music together.
  • 10,000 concerts for over 5,000,000 people.
  • Longest running, most successful first generation show in Branson, Missouri.

Read more about The Haygoods here. They really have a great story! 

Disclosure: I attended The Haygoods performance as part of a press trip to Branson, Missouri. I received free admission to the show to help facilitate my review. All opinions are my own and represent my actual experience.