Tips To Rid Your Home Of Common Household Chemicals

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A Healthy Home: Tips to Rid Your Home of Common Household Chemicals

Once the interest of just a few very particular people, using natural products to clean our homes and make them safe now appeals to everyone. Using natural items found in your home or grocery to produce your own cleaning and pest control is the wave of the future. Here are some things you can do to get started on getting rid of the harsh chemicals found in many homes:

The Best Homemade Cleaner Ingredients

You can use straight lemon juice from the bottle for many household chores. It is a natural deodorizer, cuts straight through grease, and kills mildew and mold. You can also use it to bring a no-streak shine on surfaces. Lemon juice, lemon oil, and pure lemons work great as a cheap and healthy alternative to many of your chemically-filled cleaners.

All Natural Laundry Booster

Sodium borate, known as borax, can be found in the laundry aisle of your supermarket. It is also great to use to clean the kitchen and bathroom, pots and pans, and floors. If you have stains on your clothes, rub them with a paste mix of borax and dishwasher detergent, then rinse before putting it into the washer. This is a great option for those with allergies or sensitive skin in your family.

Natural Home Deodorizers

The least expensive option for freshening your home is simply opening the window. Even a few minutes of fresh air into your home will make it not only have a fresh scent, but will help rid the home of stale air which has been constantly circulated. You can also put potpourri or citrus rinds around your home for a fresh scent that cleans the air.

All-Natural Pest Control

When your home is overrun with pests, pay attention to which company you call for help in eradicating them. Some companies use very harsh chemicals. The reason is that those chemicals will kill them. There are companies which use all-natural substances, free of dangerous chemicals. Always ask you exterminator to use only all natural products. Finding a professional pest control company that uses natural products is possible, and it’s the best option to keep your home free of chemicals, especially with young children and pets.

Coffee and Tea Stain Remover

Coffee and tea cups stain very quickly. Before you bring out the harsh chemical, try this quick and easy method. Put vinegar onto a sponge and wipe the inside of the cup. If your coffee maker or tea kettle need cleaning, put one-quarter cup of vinegar into 2 cups of water. Boil the mixture. When they are clean, wipe with a cloth and wash thoroughly.

Homemade, All-Natural Drain Cleaner

If your drain needs attention, try these formulas before reaching for that toxic drain cleaner. For cleaning in light situation, just mix one-half cup of salt into 4 liters of water, heat until hot but not boiling. Pour the mixture down the drain.


Clearing your home of harsh household chemicals doesn’t have to be a difficult task. Once you get started, you might be surprised at just how many chemicals can be found in your home.

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