iTherm is a powerful smart armband that monitors your sick child’s temperature around the clock  ….. without zero sleep interruption.

Fully customizable via our intuitive App, iTherm stays connected to your Android and iOS devices with Bluetooth 4.0.  You can program iTherm to send you text alerts based on body temperature thresholds that you create.  Now you can know when your baby’s fever spikes anytime …. right away.  Best of all, all of the temperature data is stored for quick reference and easy diagnosis.   
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What’s iTherm for?

iTherm is an armband with a temperature sensor attached that will allow you to monitor a kid’s temperature. The iTherm app in your smartphone or tablet and a bluetooth 4.0 communication with the armband will do the rest.

How does iTherm work?

You will only have to place the iTherm armband in your kid’s arm and connect to the app in your smartphone or tablet. Also through the app you will be able to:

  • Read your kid’s temperature
  • Set a threshold to get notified if the temperature raises above that number
  • Display the evolution of the temperature
  • Remind you of the medication schedule

How does iTherm help me as a parent/family member?

Every thermometer in the market -even the most modern ones- require you to actively place them in your child to check the temperature. You have to remember. You have to be awake, you probably even have the wake up your kid. iTherm is more convenient, you do not need need any of this. Be awake when you have to be, wake up your kid only when it is necessary. In addition, by monitoring the temperature instead of measuring it from time to you will be able to detect earlier the increases in your kid’s fever -and act faster.