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When Loved Ones Have A Disability

If one of your loved ones has a disability, then your goal naturally is to want to make sure that he or she is always as happy and comfortable as can be. Put a permanent smile on your loved one’s face by doing your part to improve his or her quality of life. A few relatively simple efforts can often make a world of difference.

Wheelchair-Friendly Home

Opt for a home that is wheelchair-friendly. Many people who have disabilities rely on wheelchairs to get around. Stairs are understandably a major challenge for disabled persons. Help your loved one feel as free and comfortable at home as possible by selecting a home that has just one story. If your loved one already resides in a two-story residence, you might want to consider elevator installation, although this can be pricey. If you decide to build, make sure to play a pivotal role in designing the new home floor plans. Designing the home with wider stairways can also be extremely helpful.

Furry Pal

Find a furry friend for your loved one. While your attention is important, you can’t be around all the time. Many disabled people suffer from loneliness and social isolation. While others are away at work and going about their daily business, they’re often left at home without companionship. This is where animals often come in. If you’re confident that your loved one would appreciate a new cat or dog, consider getting one as a surprise. Just make sure you have care arrangements for the pet. Someone has to be in charge of feeding and exercising the furry cutie, after all.

Convenience With A Reacher

Do everything you can to make sure that your loved one has convenience in the home. Convenience for a disabled person sometimes can be as easy as purchasing a reacher. Reachers are user-friendly devices that, true to their name, help disabled individuals access tough-to-reach objects. If your loved one is a voracious reader and has books piled high up on shelves, reachers might make it significantly easier for her to get to her favorite rainy day mystery novels.

Encourage Confidence Through Hobbies and Activities

Help instill confidence in your loved one. Confidence is important for everyone, regardless of whether they’re disabled or not. Hobbies and activities can often be effective confidence building tools. Talk to your loved one and find out what specifically interests her. Perhaps she’s talented at knitting and would like to make sweaters to donate to the needy for the cold winter months. Perhaps she’d like to take language classes at the local community college. If your loved one can focus her passion, it can help keep her on a path of strong sense esteem and feelings of self-worth. Those things often equate to happiness.


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Keep your disabled loved one happy by helping nurture his or her mind. Keep him or her happy by making sure to maximize comfort, too. Whether you steer your loved one in the direction of new hobbies or handy home convenience, let him or her know that you care through your concerned actions.

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