Disclosure: I received a Bouqs delivery to facilitate my review. This post contains affiliate links. All opinions are my own, honest and true! 

bouqs mothers day deal

About “the Bouqs” Volcanic Flowers

Tired of ordering discount flowers, and then receiving discounted flowers at a not so discounted price? Then say goodbye to disappointing flower purchases now. Welcome to The Bouqs! Where you get fresher flowers, brighter flowers, more affordable flowers, and longer-lasting flowers. Flowers from farms that treat the environment and their workers with care and respect. And flowers that are much, much easier to order. If this sounds good to you then you’ve come to the right place (online).

With The Bouqs, you can choose your flowers by color, type, or most importantly, by sentiment. Choices like “Thanks A Bunch”, “Birthday Bouqs“, and “Taking Care of Business”, make it super easy to shop for flowers. You can even sign up for one of our subscription services to make sure the special people in your life are reminded of how awesome you are on a regular basis. The best part of about The Bouqs is the price. Only $40 Bucks and Free Shipping. Every time. Seriously. Every time! The future of buying flowers online is here, and its name is The Bouqs.

My Bouqs Volcanic Flowers Review

bouqs volcanic flowers rosesHow gorgeous are my roses?! I mean, seriously! I’m not much of a photographer but these roses were absolutely breathtaking! Plus, they arrived on the day that I submitted a huge paper for one of my graduate classes- after 11 weeks of writing that paper, I couldn’t have asked for a better, sweeter reward! 

The Bouqs package their flowers so well that not single bloom was damaged. And the best part? My volcanic flowers lasted two weeks before I finally had to remove them from display. That’s pretty darn great! I think that the farm fresh delivery has a lot to do with how long they last- they are really fresh cut within days of receiving them!

I had a group of gals over one afternoon for a Tupperware type party and had these on display on my coffee table. I received so many compliments on my beautiful roses! 

 I really love this company and am proud to be a Bouqs Ambassador. I love that they offer great volcanic flowers at an affordable price. But even better? The Bouqs sources only from eco-friendly and sustainable farms and pays living wages to its farmers. That’s something I can stand behind with both feet!