Disclosure: This post is sponsored by The American Tin Ceiling Company. I was provided materials for this project in return for my honest review. 

my new American Tin Ceiling Tiles

American Tin Ceiling Company Install

I am so excited to finally share this with you! If you’ve been reading for a while you know I purchased this old house in serious need of repairs. We are almost three years in and have finally finished the majority of the interior work. On to the exterior this spring (new deck, new siding and eventually all new windows). We’re debt free with this house and plan to keep it that way- so it’s a little work here and a little work there. One step at a time. Rome wasn’t built in a day- neither will Chateau Buteau be restored overnight. And, repeat- one day at a time!

Sometimes we’ve taken two steps forward just to be thrown three steps back. This is the third ceiling this particular entry way has seen since we’ve purchased this house. The first was the original plaster ceiling. When we bought the house all of the plumbing had to be replaced due to frozen cracked pipes We replaced all of the old copper pipes with PEX tubing. A fairly easy job except that this entry way is exactly below my master bathroom. And yup, the only access to all of that plumbing is through the ceiling. Insert sledge hammer here.

We then put up a type of paneling, painted the walls and finished off the room. All was well until the toilet upstairs, which hadn’t been replaced, decided it wanted to run a 10k while we weren’t home. The water just kept running… and running, and running. Until our efforts were destroyed! See…

ceiling before american tin ceiling tiles

Installing Our New American Tin Ceiling

When I had an opportunity to work with The American Tin Ceiling Company I jumped hard and fast and almost begged them to save me from my desperate state of sagging, ruined ceiling mess. And they agreed! They asked me to choose the tin ceiling tiles I liked best. They have so many beautiful choices! I also loved the “old” feeling of the tin ceiling- for this ancient old house it couldn’t be more perfect!

I finally decided on Pattern 4 in the Dessert Sand color. The #4 tin ceiling tile design (24″x24″) utilizes a 12″ swirling design with flowered hasps framing a sunken medallion. A decorative pattern with a concentrated fill. I am so glad that I chose this! It’s elegant but not too detailed and whenever I walk into my entry way I am in awe! 

I wasn’t quite sure which type of tin ceiling tiles I needed. They offer Nail Up, DropIn and SnapLock installations. While their site is full of information, I really wanted to be sure I got the right product for this room. It just took a minute with their live help feature on the website to figure it all out. 

The American Tin Ceiling Co. Online Help

Here is the actual transcript from my online help experience with The American Tin Ceiling Company-

Hi, can I help you today?

→quick question- I’m replacing a ceiling that currently has paneling nailed to studs. Would the SnapLock or NailUp option be better?

Nicole: Hello. Do you plan to remove the current paneling that you have or are you looking for something to install over it?

→either is an option

Nicole: The Nail Up panels are designed to be installed into wood, so if you remove the current paneling, you should be able to use the Nail Up panels as long as your studs are on 2 foot centers.

Nicole: The snaplock panels are designed to be installed into a drywall or plaster ceiling.

Nicole: You’re welcome. Have a great day!

American Tin Ceiling Co. Ordering

Crystal helped me figure out exactly what I needed based on my measurements. She recommended adding in a couple of tiles in case of damage. As it turns out my measurements were spot on  and we ended up with exactly what we needed! Thanks Crystal!

I placed my order on Mar 21st and received my shipment on Apr 18th. Each order is custom made. Once I selected my tile pattern and color it all had to be powder coated and then it was shipped via Fed Ex on April 10th.

Below is the actual invoice and products ordered. This was based on an estimated ceiling size of 6×12 feet. 

Item # Qty Description Retail Price Each
n-p04-ads 20 Nailup Pattern #4 Desert Sand $12.00
c2-n-ads 6 C2 Molding none Desert Sand $15.00
c2-m-ads 1 C2 Molding outside corner Desert Sand $20.00
c2-c-ads 3 C2 Molding inside corner Desert Sand $18.00
g-01-ads 2 Girder Nosing 01 Desert Sand $10.00

Unboxing my American Tin Ceiling Tiles

I was really impressed with how carefully my tiles were wrapped and boxed. They were very well protected and there was absolutely no damage to any of the tiles.

American Tin Ceiling Tiles Install Easily!

Although we took on this huge house, neither my husband or I are carpenters. In fact, neither of us had any experience with remodeling anything prior to moving here. We’ve learned a lot through trial and error, YouTube, and logic. So, lucky for us, the American Tin Ceiling Co. sends along an installation guide plus offers installation information and videos on their website and on YouTube. The install guide was helpful but the videos were a complete lifesaver, especially when it came to installing the Crown Molding.

The first step was removing the old crown molding and ceiling panels. Then we needed to add some wood framing for the NailUp installation. We borrowed a friend’s really nice air compressor and brad gun or framing nailer (whatever it’s called!) from a friend and set up two ladders. Also, for the record, I’m better with the nail gun than the hubs is. There- I said it! Haha!

image (9)

 Finally, we found the center of the ceiling and got started installing our tiles.

The hardest part of installing the ceiling was cutting out a squareish hole for our light fixture. Turns out though, that was pretty easy. They recommend tin-snips for all the cutting. My husband is stubborn and set in his ways and really, really wanted to play with his new Dremel tool. So, he had another idea-  Watch-

image (11)


American Tin Ceiling NailUp

Nail-up tin ceiling is a classic tin ceiling panel that overlaps on its 1/4″ perimeter nail rail installing direct to a wood substrate. All panels regardless of pattern are 2’x2′. These tin plated steel metal ceilings date back to the 1800’s. The tin panels will nail to plywood or furring strips on ceilings using nails.

image (17)

The installation went really well. The tiles are thin and light so holding them in place to nail is easy. My husband and I worked together but this could easily be a one-person job. The little tongue and groove type pattern on the overhang made it really easy to line the tiles up perfectly. It was also easy to tell where to nail on every tile. We actually had a great time installing these tiles from start to finish!

I truly couldn’t be more happy with the tin ceiling look in my 1890 house. Tin ceilings were most popular about 150 years ago. I love that The American Tin Ceiling is bringing them back stronger than ever. In fact, I’ve got a master bath remodel to do and we’re strongly considering using the DropIn tiles for that room. Also, while I hadn’t decided this until my new tin ceiling was in place, I am thinking that my kitchen ceiling, with it’s slowly cracking plaster is in need of a remodel, too. I enjoyed working with The American Tin Ceiling company from start to finish- from figuring out what I needed to ordering through installation and now, catching myself staring at this ceiling for quite a long time!

our ceiling after installing American Tin Ceiling Tiles

About American Tin Ceilings

Free Design Consultation call Toll Free: 866.264.8076

The American Tin Ceiling Company manufacturers and ships from Bradenton, Florida. We pride ourselves in producing the highest quality tin plated steel ceiling tiles for our customers. Our design center is equipped with experts to assist in design, layout, and product selection for all projects.

American Tin Ceilings provides an excellent selection of tin panels for ceilings, wall panels, retail accents and back splashes for residential and commercial customers supported by high quality product, pattern and finish variety, competitive pricing, quick shipping, accessible experts and personalized service.

Company sales / service staff are experts in the selection and specification of correct product and job requirements. Design and drawing services are available at no cost for both consumers and commercial specifiers. Post sale installation questions are welcomed. Staff is accessible by phone 8-5 EST M-F and by chat and email.


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