unique birthday gift

There’s nothing more exciting to a child than his birthday. Make this year memorable for your little ones by surprising them with a unique birthday gift that they’ll never forget. Here are some ideas that are sure to wow them.

Adopt a Zoo Animal

Many zoos have programs that allow you to sponsor an animal. Pick out your child’s favorite zoo buddy. Did she fall in love with the polar bear, or did you have a hard time pulling her away from the adorable group of lemurs? No matter which animal you choose, you’ll feel great knowing that you’re providing care and food to an animal in need. You’ll receive a photograph and information on your animal, and depending on your membership, you may even receive extra perks such as the opportunity to meet with the zookeeper! Both boys and girls will be fascinated that they’re now the proud “parent” of a wild animal.

Repair an Old Cherished Toy

Whether it’s a video game console or a cherished doll, your child will be delighted when they see that you’ve managed to make it brand new again. If you’re not handy yourself, simply search online for websites that specialize in toy repair. Many sites are set up so that you can mail the toy to an expert who can fix it. You can also look for local help or follow a step-by-step tutorial and do it yourself. Anything from Power Wheels accessories to missing board game pieces can be found on the Information Superhighway. Just imagine the look on your child’s face when they first unwrap the toy they never dreamed could be fixed.

Personalized Toys

Personalized toys are popular right now, and it’s easy to see why! Children are amazed when they read a book that includes their name or a storyline that seems like it was written especially for them. There are also DVDs and music CDs that feature not only the name of your child but also their interests, right down to their favorite foods. It’ll be so much for your whole family to enjoy together.

Toys from Your Era

Introduce your child to the same types of toys you used to play with when you were his or her age. Simply browse thrift stores or auction websites for replicas of your old favorites. You may even find the exact models you used to play with. It’ll be excitingly nostalgic for you, and your child will be thrilled to play with the same exact toys that Mommy or Daddy used to love. 

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