renting a car

Renting a Car 

Renting a car is ideal for getaways as it affords you a greater degree of flexibility, allowing you to visit places in your own time and on your own terms. On the other hand, it’s also extra hassle and there are a lot of factors to take into account when renting vehicles.
If you’re desperately in need of a car, you need to understand what you’re looking at and whether or not it’ll be a worthwhile investment. There are times when last minute car rental deals cannot be avoided but rest assured that you can obtain the perfect vehicle that will complement your needs and budget if you do your homework.

Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions are always a stumbling point, because, the majority of the time, customers and clients fail to read the fine print. It’s there for a reason and needs to be checked, and double-checked, before the reservation is completed and confirmed. Be sure to question any restrictions that have been made and make sure you have a confirmation number to quote when you pick the vehicle up.

Choosing your Vehicle

 If you’re going to rent a vehicle, make sure it’s going to be an efficient experience; for example, if you’re travelling with children, rent something which has sufficient space, allowing ease of travel. If you’re on a budget trip, you’ll want to be driving something smaller, something that costs less to fuel up and with less mileage. Many companies will offer enhancements to the existing specifications, particularly for larger vehicles, so take some time and think about how necessary they may be.

Prepaid Fuel

You’ll be given two choices here: pay for a pre-filled tank of fuel or pay-as-you-go, refuelling as you need. Paying in advance is far more convenient but the rates won’t be in your favour in the long-run. If you don’t plan on using all the fuel you’ve paid for, you may find yourself spending too much money on fuel that you don’t actually need.
Essentially, the fine print will legally bind everything together, so, if that’s been studied, there should be no problem. Searching online means you can compare quotes and rates which, basically, allow you to find the best deal possible for you; again, it’s very important that a degree of revision is undertaken beforehand to save from any unnecessary hassle during your trip.

Our Last Experience Renting a Car

We last rented a car when we went to see my husband’s oldest son in Texas a few years back. It was seamless and the car was great but the funniest thing happened! Our flight back home was very early in the morning. When we went to return the rental car I was driving and following the signs at the airport.

My husband was sleepy, nervous about making our flight and staring at this spike strip.

I knew that the spikes would go down and that was the way I was supposed to go but said nothing, pretending I hadn’t heard the panic in his voice. I slowed down a bit, creeping closer to the spikes, dragging it all out. “Honey, the spikes! STOP! STOP!!” I nodded, smiled and kept going. Once we were safely over the “spike strip” I simply turned to my husband and said, “Have some faith in me would ya!” Eventually he saw the humor in the whole thing.

[divider] Will you be renting a car anytime soon? What are your tips?