Top 5 Summer Activities I Can’t Wait For

It’s just past the mid-March mark here in New Hampshire and we just had two feet of snow dumped on us followed by almost 50 degrees and then last night the temps dropped down close to 30 below with the wind chill.

I don’t know if I can even figure out a way to say these words anymore… it’s like I am stuck on repeat! Please. Let. It. Be. Spring! Please. Let. It. Be. Spring! 

But even more than my longing for Spring, I’m craving summer! My body needs it, my soul needs it. Warmth, sunshine, happiness. The following is a list of the top five summer activities I can’t wait for. It’s in no particular order. 

1. BBQ Grilling, Summer Salads and Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Berry picking, Farmer’s Markets, vegetable stands. The barbecue grill. Chicken kebabs. Steak and seafood boils. Yep. we can eat a lot of this stuff in the winter but when its cold out we tend to go with heavier, more hearty meals. Pot roast, pork roast, stews, soups and casseroles. All yummy, but heavy comfort foods start getting a little less comfortable when they’re going straight to your rear! Grilling is simple, easy, and usually means company, being outside, flipping the burgers while the kids are splashing in the pool. Speaking of the pool..  


surf and turf

2. Swimming in Lakes, Ponds, Rivers, Streams, Brooks, Pools and the Ocean!

My bath tub just doesn’t cut it. Swimming. And fishing, and spending days at the beach, and boating, and floating in tubes down rivers. Watching the kids splash and play in the pool while sitting around the fire pit on warm evenings, waiting for them to get out, wrap up in a towel and make some S’mores. Four-wheeler rides. Rides down country roads and getting out to explore. 

Christine Lake, NHchristine lake

The Backyard Poolswimming pool fun

Popham Beach, Mainepopham sandbars

3. Enjoying the Great Outdoors in New Hampshire and New England with the Kiddos

 Hiking, walking, camping, exploring, four-wheeling, picnicking, afternoons at the park, visiting family and friends, playing in the garden at home, helping my dad dig potatoes in his giant garden. There are just so many fun things to do outside around here in the summer! The truth is, I’m looking forward to every single day of summer with my kids! They are growing up so fast! 

Summer Soccorsummer soccor

Annual Bean Hole Chili Picnicbean hole chili picnic

Old Man of the Mountain, NHold man viewingFort Baldwin, Popham, Maine

popham maine

4. Speaking at iRetreat 2014- A Retreat for Online Influencers

iRetreat 2014Speaking at iRetreatI am so excited to be attending and speaking at iRetreat 2014 this June! The conference promises to be an amazing time and I’m so honored to be included in a list of awesome speakers! 

iRetreat was the first conference dedicated to influencer marketing with a focus on bloggers. A family-friendly event that aims to strengthen relationships, educate and empower, iRetreat is a conference for influencers by influencers.

iRetreat is being held at Hershey Lodge in Hershey, Pennsylvania. Um, bloggers, brands and chocolate?! Yes, please! And, that leads me to the next item on my list! 

5. Family Vacation to Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey & Washington, DC

 Ahhh and the big summer event! Our family vacation, road trip and adventure all rolled up into one! I’m taking all three kids, the husband and my mother on a 10 hour road trip to Pennsylvania where we will stay for one week. While I’m at iRetreat, hubs, mom and kids will be at Hershey Park. Then we are hitting up Amish Country in Lancaster, PA.

We are also doing a day trip to Washington, DC and another to New York City to see the Statue of Liberty and of course, for the 8 year old, we’re stopping into Carlo’s Bakery in New Jersey. We’re still making plans but if you know of a must see place in and around those areas let me know!! 

Our Summer Vacation Plans


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What are you looking forward to this summer?!

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7 thoughts on “Top Five Summer Activities I Can’t Wait For #DDDivas #HauteMamas

  1. *sigh* I cannot wait until summer, until there is no more snow on the ground and no more forecasts of impending snow. I can say, my husband pulled our grill up on to the porch and has been grilling all winter anyway. I think he is craving summer too.

    Stopping by from the Double Duty Divas link up today.

    1. Ice and snow made it so we can’t even open the door to our deck to get to the grill. Blah! Otherwise I would definitely be using it today! Things are melting slow but sure.

  2. Swimming is definitely the top activity I cannot wait to do this summer! My parents have a pool and we spend so much time there when it’s too hot to do anything else.

  3. Oh you have me sooooo ready for summer! We woke up to everything frozen this morning. Can’t wait for warm weather and grilling out!!

  4. I’m so over this winter as well so I loved seeing all your great photos of summer activities and summer FOOD! I want to grill!! I will also be at iRetreat, looking forward to hearing you speak!

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